Sailing Team Building - Strengthen Your Team!

Corporate Sailing Event Will Make Your Team Stronger and Improve the Image of Your Company

When they think of the sea, waves or sailing most people automatically think of freedom, peace and relaxation during their vacation. It is interesting that only a few people remember that sailing can be a fantastic activity not only during the holidays, but also one of the ways to do business meetings, arrange new jobs or take your business associates to an unforgettable team building in an unusual and interesting way that will leave a positive impact on further joint work.

With over a decade long experience in providing superb sailing experience SailingEurope Group will provide you with perfect corporate sailing event whether it is a short gathering or a full 7 day private regatta.

Sail As A Team

Sailing has always been and always will be an activity in which all crew members participate in one way or another. Regardless of the sailing experience that crew members should not have at all, situations arise during sailing in which the skipper or another crew member will ask for help. In order to sail successfully, everyone must work together. The fact is that sailing, not only in the form of business and relationships among colleagues, raises cooperation, but also creates connections between a wide variety of individuals. Classic team building activities like paintball definitely raise morale, but there is one extremely important thing that occurs when sailing - team spirit! In the eyes of its employees, the owner of a company, corporation or small business will surely be seen with much brighter eyes than when people are sent to regular activities such as dinners or “Escape rooms”.

Bring That Laughter

Apart from being adventurous, sailing is also incredibly fun, and therefore effective in strengthening your team through both cooperation and laughter. The result is a strong connection within a group of people capable of handling business on every level!

During the sailing team building, members of your company will have the opportunity to experience what most of them have never had before - the power of the sea and the wind and the freedom that sailing provides. They will also have the opportunity to enjoy various activities outside of sailing, get to know different destinations and try local food - all those things that sailors enjoy anyway. If you do not know where and for how long you would go, our agents are here to suggest the optimal route for your needs. If you already know roughly what to do and where to go, use our RoutePlanner and plan your route. You will definitely have the opportunity to visit different destinations that will provide your team with an unforgettable and fun experience.

Team building aboard a yacht leads to:

  • better team work between the members of the team
  • the sense of being a part of a group
  • loyalty
  • making creative solutions and thinking out of the box
  • motivated members of the team
  • better image of the company

Our professional team will assist you in making the optimal team building event. You will be guided by professional skippers, who will teach your team how to steer the yacht, trim the sails and navigate the sea. At the end of the day, there will be a short briefing about the good things as well as those that need improving, and it will be accompanied by a delicious dinner in local taverns along the Adriatic.

Available Programs

We have a number of available corporate sailing programs from short term team buildings to the longer private regattas:  

  • Company Success Celebration
  • Short Team Building Regatta
  • 7 Day Private Regatta
  • Tailor-Made Regatta
  • Partner Incentive Program
  • On-Site Education Programs

The Fleet

Depending on your preferences, we can offer you sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans and gulets.

Location of Your Choice

We can organize your team building anywhere in the Adriatic. We would especially recommend Rogač on Šolta island, with its private base and proximity to top sailing destinations in the Adriatic.

With thousands of satisfied clients, our professional team gives its best to meet your requirements. Contact us and you will experience the most exciting team building!

Our team building programs are custom made. The prices are available upon request.