SailingEurope Flotilla in Croatia

Discover Croatia. Meet new people. Relax completely thanks to our excellent organization.

Join our flotilla and enjoy the amazing sailing experience! It does not matter who you are or where you are coming from – the moment you step onto your boat, you will feel like you belong.


The Best Way to Discover Croatian Coast

Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destination in the world, and for a reason. Great climate, thousands of islands, the turquoise Adriatic Sea, rich history and excellent wines are some of the reasons why sailors from all over the world come here every year. To help you discover Croatia, we will organize interesting sightseeing, gastronomic and wine-tasting tours. 

Why Sailing in a Flotilla?

We offer you a flotilla which will take you on the most relaxing and most interesting sailing experience. The participants of the flotilla can charter the entire yacht (with or without a skipper) or you can simply book one place on the yacht. Taking part in our flotilla is an excellent advantage because the participants have full freedom to determine their own rhythm of sailing and spend the day on their own, or they can sail with other participants and enjoy the company of other sailing enthusiasts. In the evening, all yachts come to a designated destination where a mooring spot is waiting for them.

Let Us Take Care of Everything

Another great advantage of our flotilla is excellent organization. Thanks to our fantastic lead crew, you will all the time know where you can go and what you can expect. The lead skipper will each day notify the participants of the daily forecast, as well as inform them what spots are excellent for taking a break and which restaurants offer the best local cuisine. In the evening, you will not have to worry about finding a place to moor – the lead skipper will have already taken care of that. Finally, there will be welcome and farewell parties, as well as an exciting regatta at the end of the flotilla that you will be able to join!

Our fleet consists of 15 Beneteau and Jeanneau sailing yachts, ranging from three- to five-cabin yachts, all in excellent condition. We also have two Lagoon catamarans that are available on request.

Flotilla in Croatia


Flotilla Itinerary

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Day 1. - Rogač, island of Šolta

Check in and Welcome party

Day 2. Rogač - Komiža

Komiža is a small fishing town situated on the western coast of Vis. This port has never been affected by mass tourism, so it has preserved the atmosphere of the old Mediterranean and has turned into one of the most beautiful towns in the Croatian Adriatic. Just across Komiža is the tiny Biševo island, which hides one of the most unique secrets in the Adriatic – the Blue Cave,

Day 3. Komiža - Vis

The town of Vis has a history that dates back to antiquity and is considered one of the oldest settlements on the Croatian soil. Throughout the ages, it had a great strategic importance, which is why today the whole town is a stunning museum of churches, old villas and fortresses. 

Day 4. Vis - Hvar

The town of Hvar is one of the most popular and most luxurious destinations on the Croatian coast. Just across the town is a beautiful collection of small islands called Paklinski otoci. These calm islands hide ACI Marina Palmižana, probably the most beautiful marina in the Adriatic. The marina is situated in a peaceful and green zone full of walking trails. Close to the marina, in an area covered with a pine forest, is a stunningly beautiful botanical garden, which constantly amazes the visitors with its rare and lush flora. Just next to the marina is a beach, which is why visitors always reluctantly leave this Adriatic oasis that simply has it all.

Day 5. Hvar - Jelsa

Jelsa is a small jewel of Hvar island. It is situated on the northeastern coast of the island and lies below the island’s two highest peaks - Sv. Nikola and Humac. This calm town allows its visitors to enjoy a relaxed holiday sunbathing, swimming and discovering its green surroundings.

Day 6. Jelsa - Milna

Milna is the best natural harbour on Brač. Throughout history, the town’s economy was based on shipbuilding and seafaring. Today, it is one of the most beautiful towns on Brač and is a true representation of the Mediterranean as it once was

Day 7. Milna - Rogač

The island of Šolta is situated close to the largest town on the Croatian coast, Split. The island is very calm and picturesque, and is ideal for calmer holidays. There are numerous villages worth visiting on the island, the most beautiful of which is surely Maslinica, on the northwestern side of the island.

Day 8. Rogač

Check out and Departure

Flotilla in Croatia - Fun



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1. Arrival to the base

  • the registration of the participants in the office of the base
  • participants are taken to their yacht and go through the check-in procedure with the SailingEurope team
  • getting to know the crew and the schedule of the week’s activities
  • Q&A
  • a welcome party

2. Morning briefing

  • the lead skipper holds a meeting with all the skippers in the flotilla
  • at the first briefing, the lead skipper determines the working channel, explains the communication via VHF, and gives instructions regarding safety on board
  • at all other meetings, the lead skipper reads out and interprets the weather forecast, gives instructions, remarks and advice regarding the daily route, suggests safe anchorages for a break, determines the destination for the evening, as well as how much time the participants have for reaching it
  • Q&A

3. Yacht provisions

  • purchasing food and drinks, as well as other supplies necessary for sailing

5. Departure

  • the lead crew assists the participants during the departure

6. Swimming and lunch break

  • the lead skipper suggests save anchorages for a swimming and lunch break
  • assisting in anchoring if the entire flotilla takes the break at the same spot

7. Reaching the destination

  • the crew awaits the participants of the fleet at the destination and assists them with mooring or anchoring
  • the host/hostess collects the boat documents of the participants and takes care of the administration
  • a welcome drink and socialising
  • going to dinner and/or sightseeing of local attractions (if agreed on earlier)
  • free time

8. Optional activities

  • organized sightseeing of local attractions with a professional guide
  • organized dinner
  • organized wine tasting tour
  • the lead crew gives tips about places/events/interesting facts about the destinations

9. Final regatta

  • if you feel like it, you can participate in an exciting regatta: it is usual that, at the end of the week, a little bit of competitive spirit is added to the flotilla sailing. After the participants have got to know their yachts well, it is time they showed all of their knowledge and skills by competing with other participants.
  • depending on the technical possibilities of the yachts, the skills of the teams and weather conditions, the crew will determine the start and finish lines, as well as the race course
  • after reaching the finish line (the base), the winner will be announced and the awards presented

10. Final evening

  • a party for all the participants of the flotilla
  • each team prepares one specialty and adds it to the buffet table
  • the participants hang out together, have fun, tell stories from the trip and exchange contacts

11. Check-out

  • the check-out procedure with the team from the base
  • final administration
  • leaving the yacht at a designated time (according to the charter contract)

Flotilla in Croatia - Mooring


Terms and Prices

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Prices per person

Price per person in a double cabin (all sailing yachts):

14.5.2016 11.6.2016 8.10.2016
510 € 650 € 470 €

Bareboat Charter

Price for a sailing yacht without a skipper (bareboat charter)

14.5.2016 11.6.2016 8.10.2016
Sun Odyssey 349 2100 € 2800 € 1820 €
Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 2100 € 2890 € 1950 €
Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 2620 € 3520 € 2320 €
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 3600 € 5190 € 3300 €
Oceanis 50 Family 3810 € 5800 € 3300 €

Skippered Yacht

Prices for a sailing yacht with a skipper

14.5.2016 11.6.2016 8.10.2016
Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 3060 € 3900 € 2820 €
Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 4080 € 5200 € 3760 €
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 5100 € 6500 € 4700 €
Oceanis 50 Family 5100 € 6500 € 4700 €


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Included in the overall price:

  • a fully-equipped sailing yacht
  • the lead crew
  • sailing, navigation and safety equipment
  • a tank of yacht fuel
  • a dingy and outboard
  • a fully-equipped galley
  • a full gas bottle for the galley
  • full tanks of water
  • bed linen and a medium-size towel
  • final cleaning
  • Wi-Fi (1 GB/yacht)
  • free-of-charge parking in Marina Rogač
  • a licensed tourist guide in Hvar
  • a guaranteed mooring at each stopover
  • a welcome party
  • a regatta at the end of the flotilla
  • a skipper (this refers only to chartering a cabin or a skippered yacht and is not included in chartering a yacht without a skippef)
  • security deposit (this refers only to chartering a cabin or a skippered yacht and is not included in chartering a yacht without a skipper)

Paid for separately:

  • food and drinks – we offer a list of groceries that you can order beforehand, and which we will deliver to your yacht before you arrive
  • mooring and marina fees
  • tourist tax: 1 euro/person/day 
  • security deposit / yacht damage waiver* (only refers to chartering a yacht without a skipper, not chartering a cabin or a skippered yacht), the price of which is the following:
Original security deposit - refundable Deposit waiver fee - nonrefundable Security deposit after paying the deposit waiver fee - refundable
Oceanis 50 Family 2500 € 250 € 300 €
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 2500 € 250 € 300 €
Beneteau Cyclades 43.4 1500 € 170 € 200 €
Beneteau Cyclades 39.3 1500 € 170 € 200 €
Sun Odyssey 349 1500 € 170 € 200 €

*There are two options regarding the security deposit. You can pay only for the security deposit (refundable), or you can purchase a yacht deposit waiver and then pay a smaller security deposit. If you do not purchase a yacht deposit waiver, you will be required to pay the full security deposit in advance, and you will be financially liable if the yacht or the additional equipment suffers any damage.

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