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Sailing in Dubrovnik - Natural sailing paradise

Dubrovnik is by far the most famous Croatian city. Started as a wealthy republic that practiced skilled diplomacy, Dubrovnik now evolved into a modern city that stands proud of its freedom. The old part of the city and its famous walls are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a walk on the stone-paved main street Stradun and sightsee preserved old buildings and towers that lie beneath the Srđ hill.

Dubrovnik is quite often used as a filming location of movies and TV shows (Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Robin Hood). Along being famous TV star Dubrovnik is one of the cities with the richest maritime history in this part of the world. Sailing clubs from Dubrovnik raised some the world sailing champions and learned numerous individuals of how to sail, promoting further sailing as a lifestyle.

Dubrovnik can be also observed as an ideal starting point when you wish to sail and explore Croatia, but also neighbouring countries as Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

Sail in Dubrovnik region, Yacht charter in Dubrovnik region

Why is Dubrovnik area popular among sailors

Dubrovnik region is a well-known sailing destination due to its indented coast, rich history, beautiful nature and perfect warm and dry weather. Sailing is even more pleasurable knowing that there are a lot of islands, bays and marinas where sailors can spend their leisure time sunbathing, swimming and taking part in watersports. Various nautical and non-nautical events and festivals are for sure one of the reasons why a sailor should visit Dubrovnik.

All the nature lovers will enjoy sailing in Dubrovnik region thanks to the Mljet National Park and the Lastovo Nature Park. More than 80% of the island Mljet’s area is covered by forest, thus giving sailing a special feeling when sailing in that area. You will also enjoy sailing through a “labyrinth” of small island in the Lastovo island archipelago, where you will also find a submarine shelter from the second World War.

Maestral wind creates favorable sailing conditions, so one can raise sails and use the power of wind to visit many destinations that are close to each other. The beaches are sandy or pebbled, but most importantly clean. The sea has moderate to small waves ideal for peacefully sail the area and to take a dive in its deep blue color.

In case of bad weather, there are a lot of safe anchorages and mooring areas always available nearby.

Climate and ideal time to sail the area

Recommended period for sailing the Croatian coast is between April and October, and the peak season is reserved for July and August. Less crowded, but still warm are May, June, September and October.

Croatian coast enjoys Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. The summers are hot with temperatures going up to 40 °C and the sea temperature is around 25 °C. The Adriatic Sea gets a plenty of sunshine, 2600 hours per year on average.

Winds and waves

There are eight winds that blow on the Adriatic. Each has its own characteristics that can often be recognized by clouds appearing on the sky. Adriatic Sea is, in general, very tame and will not cause you any significant troubles while sailing. Special attention has to be paid to a sudden and strong storm called neverin, which in this area occurs 3-4 times per month. Neverin usually lasts only half an hour, but it can be very powerful.

  • Bura - unpredictable cold and dry north or north-eastern wind that blows in very strong gusts, makes high waves which makes sailing challenging, can bring heavy rain and snow, but after it ends, brings clear skies and lovely weather
  • Jugo - warm and humid south or south-eastern wind that brings clouds and bad weather, sailors are able to reach high speeds, allegedly causes people to feel disoriented and depressed or rather feeling under the weather
  • Maestral - most common summer wind, brings lovely and stable weather, always blows from northwest which is perfect for sailing on the Adriatic
  • Tramontana– northerly cooling wind that brings pleasant weather
  • Grego – moderate or strong northeasterly wind carrying dry, clear and cold weather
  • Levant– easterly wind that blows during cloudy, humid or rainy weather
  • Oštro – southerly, warm and damp wind
  • Lebić – southwesterly, dry and warm wind which blows in the Adriatic after the jugo, leveling the waves in shallow harbors

Waves occur due to winds blowing. On average, the waves are between 0.5 m and 1.5 m, but can get bigger with stronger winds.

Sea currents also occur because of winds, but are hardly noticeable and move at average speed of 0.5 knots.

Tides have small amplitudes, around 40 cm, but can get slightly bigger if jugo is blowing.

Sail in Dubrovnik region, Yacht charter in Dubrovnik region, Gastronomy of Dubrovnik region

Gastronomy of Dubrovnik region

Croatian cuisine consists of different ingredients, depending on the region. Cuisine of South Dalmatian region and Dubrovnik is based on quality fish and meat, seafood (especially octopus), soup, local vegetables and fruit, olive oil and fine wines. Because Dubrovnik is visited by visitors from all around the world, it also offers international cuisine (French, Italian, Mexican, Japanese).

There are more than 60 restaurants and taverns in Dubrovnik and much more in the whole area. Some of them will offer mooring for boats. It is customary to leave a tip after a meal.

  • Tavern Nautica, Lastovo - with excellent fresh food, fresh local produce and fine wines offers a berth with electricity and water, depth is up to 6 m, also offers accommodation
  • Restaurant Nautika, Dubrovnik - right outside the Walls of Dubrovnik with an amazing view over the sea, two fortresses and an occasional ship passing by, enjoy fresh seafood in a romantic atmosphere of a restaurant with great reviews
  • Tavern Galija, Cavtat - located at the end of Cavtat’s promenade, it offers a magnificent view over the bay of Cavtat while you enjoy live music, traditional Croatian cuisine and new creations of tavern’s chefs, they also offer accommodation and an opportunity to go fishing with the locals
  • Restaurant Kapetanova kuća, Mali Ston - a high-quality family restaurant that raised generations of sailors and fishermen, their black risotto and “Captain’s House” specialties are a must-try
  • Restaurant Stermasi, Mljet - located in the village of Maranovići, make sure to try an octopus salad and other local produce, go fishing with the hosts and enjoy the nearby beaches before and after the meal
  • Restaurant Porto Rosso, Skrivena Luka, Lastovo - a part of a modern nautical center that offers moorings for sailors, traditional food, homemade bread and beverages
  • Restaurant Orsan, Dubrovnik - a waterfront fish restaurant and a yacht club with live music during weekends, makes traditional food and offers fine wines in an authentic atmosphere
  • Tavern Mirakul, Korčula - dine on a large terrace with an excellent view over the sea, yachtsmen come here to experience great service and even greater food

Most important destinations

Although Dubrovnik is the cultural, administrative and commercial center of the region, there are many quaint places you can visit that will take your breath away.

  • Šipan - an island of olives, fine wine, noblemen’s summerhouses and hidden coves
  • Lastovo - one of the sunniest islands of the Adriatic, offers plenty of swimming areas in beautiful bays, famous for its carnival Poklad and Venetian architecture, attracts sailors because of high quality restaurants that offer moorings
  • Orebić - a quaint port town situated underneath a mountain, has beautiful sandy beaches and offers watersport activities
  • Korčula - both an island and a fortified town with buildings and streets aligned in a herringbone pattern, a birthplace of Marco Polo, famous for centuries-old Moreška sword dance
  • Mljet - the greenest Dalmatian island and a national park with two salty lakes and magnificent nature, there are also olive groves and vineyards you can see, make sure to visit a traditional fishing village Polace
  • Cavtat - built during the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik), the majority of buildings are from Renaissance, the town has a great cultural and historical importance, as well as natural beauty and tranquil coves
  • Lopud - a small lush green island with excellent beaches, especially Sunj that is covered with rare white sand

Sail in Dubrovnik region, Yacht charter in Dubrovnik region, Orebic

Where to anchor and interesting marinas in Dubrovnik area

Croatian coast has more than a thousand harbors, marinas and bays for anchoring and mooring, and twice as much buoys. Buoys are more accessible and more affordable than marinas.


  • Skrivena Luka, Lastovo - sheltered from the open sea and strong winds, there is a camp, a restaurant that offers mooring, a few houses and a beautiful 19th century lighthouse, under concession
  • Slano Bay - spacious bay with depth of 8-15 m (closer to the shore which is sheltered from bura), sludgy seabed, boats can moor on the promenade of a small settlement Slano that has rich history, there are two restaurants that offer moorings, no concession
  • Šipanska Bay - good shelter from all winds, except northwesterly winds, depth is 5-15 m and the seabed is sandy and sludgy, buoys are available on spot near the restaurants, no concession
  • Šunj Bay, Lopud - very popular bay during the day with a lot of facilities, very shallow bay with the sandy seabed with depth of up to 15 m, romantically tranquil during the night, in case of southeasterly winds (jugo), it is necessary to sail around the island and anchor in the bay of Lopud with the sandy and sludgy seabed with depth of around 10 m, no concession
  • Zaton Bay - available for all kinds of vessels, up to 10 m of depth closer to the coast and up to 20 m in the middle of the bay, the seabed is both sandy and sludgy, watch for strong bura that sometimes blows here, no concession
  • Rijeka dubrovačka - a narrow and long bay with depth of up to 15 m and the sludgy seabed, sheltered from all winds except bura, can get crowded in high season, no concession
  • Lokrum - its central part is reserved for megayachts and cruisers, the most sheltered part from westerly and northwesterly winds is in the bay of Portoč, it has a sandy seabed, but can get rocky around the bay, under concession
  • Tiha Bay - 110 m for moorings and anchorages, smaller vessels moor closer to the coast on depths of up to 11 m, bigger vessels will moor a bit far away on depth of up to 30 m, the seabed is sandy, sludgy and grassy, sheltered from all winds except bura, the location attracts first-class sailors, no concession
  • Donji i Gornji Molunat - calm bays surrounded by cliffs, Donji Molunat is more open to tramontana and maestral winds, depth is 10-20 m, the seabed is sandy and sludgy, Gornji Molunat is open to jugo, depth is 6-10 m, there are restaurants and shops on the coast, no concession

Sail in Dubrovnik region, Yacht charter in Dubrovnik region, Lokrum


Telephone numbers you might need

Emergency – 112
Police – 192
Fire department – 193
Ambulance – 194
Search and rescue at sea – 195
Road assistance – 1987
General information – 18981
Tourist information, Dubrovnik – 020 323 887

Croatia country calling code is +385