What to Take Aboard when Sailing with a Pet?

You decided to go sailing with your pet but do not fool yourself that it would be like a walk in the park. Remember that your furry friend needs to feel safe and happy aboard the charter yacht. You will obviously need to take some stuff to make your pet feel content aboard. So what to take when sailing with your pet?

Toys, blankets and other

To make your pet feel at home on the yacht, take its toys and blankets. Your pet may get scared once aboard the yacht so will need all the help possible to make your dog or cat feel safe, and toys and blankets it uses at home are just the thing to help. Take your pet's bed or basket if it is very attached to it. Do not forget its collar, leash and muzzle if needed. A good idea would be to take a harness because it can help if your pet ends up in the water. Whereas a simple collar would slip over their head or severely choke them during a recovery from the water, the harness, made from strong webbing material, provides a lifting handle capable of supporting your pet's entire weight. A life vest for your animal is also a must.

Medicines and sunblock

Make sure to take some medicines, especially those for nausea and irritated stomach. Also take some vitamins as well as a hypoallergenic sunblock. Your pet, although covered in hair, can also get severely sunburnt. You can use your normal, "human" sunblock just make sure it has no additives and that it is hypoallergenic. Do not forget flea and tick preventatives. Your pet can get into contact with other animals that have fleas, and there is a danger of getting ticks during a walk on the shore.