Skippered yacht charter - Sailing with a Skipper

What to Expect from and How to Treat a Skipper

If you are not a skipper yourself, then having a professional skipper onboard a charter yacht is a must.

Not only will the skipper make your sailing holidays comfortable and relaxed, but will also share their local knowledge about the destinations, route, weather, restaurants, and mooring and anchoring places. In case of bad weather, the local skipper will find the best place to safely secure the boat.

You will meet your skipper during the check-in procedure, where he/she will do the technicalities, after which will help all guests with accommodation. When settled on the yacht, the guests will learn about the safety onboard.


The skipper should get their own separate cabin (one of the inside cabins or the front cabin), as well as private time at the end of the day. Sleeping in the saloon is considered uncomfortable because it means that the skipper is the last to go to bed - and it creates discomfort if the guests like to stay up late.

Regarding food, the guests should provide skipper with at least one warm meal a day and enough water. It is highly important to note that a skipper’s official duty is not to cook.

Should there be any technical difficulties with the boat, the skipper is in charge to deal with those difficulties in accordance with the base. It is considered polite to give the skipper a hand in that process. The guests should be and feel safe at all cost.

Female Skipper

All in all, both skipper and guests should act civilized, polite and patient, and have fun on their sailing journey.