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Sailing in Split - the ultimate Croatian cruising region

Split is the second-biggest city in Croatia and the most important city on the Croatian coast. Its location is ideal for everyone since it is situated between mountains and beaches. Here you can find a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site - Diocletian’s Palace, a small city within a city that breathes with rich history. The city of Split embraces its cultural heritage, but also develops in a modern way. This is why you will find different architectural styles fused with lush greenery when exploring this gorgeous Dalmatian city.

In the vicinity of Split, you can find some of the most beautiful Croatian islands where you can sunbathe and swim in crystal-clear sea, have plenty of fun on different festivals, or enjoy the peace and quiet in the unspoiled nature. In spring, Split sailing region is converted into a regatta field. Summer months are reserved for more relaxed sailing and a greater emphasis is put on relaxation.

Sail in Split region, Yacht charter in Split region, Diocletian's Palace

Why is Split area popular among sailors

Split region can thank its popularity to the fact that it has the largest offer of charter vessels in Croatia, but also outside of the country borders. An indented coastline with a large number of islands will excite all kinds of sailors.

Yachtsmen will enjoy perfect Mediterranean climate, which means it is mostly warm and dry. They will appreciate moderate maestral wind that creates favorable sailing conditions. The sea is clean and clear, deep enough for all kinds of vessels, and ideal for swimming and diving.

Cities and villages on both mainland and islands are a short distance away, thus making sailing comfortable. Visiting different locations is and finding a shelter in case of bad weather is easier for that reason.

Climate and ideal time to sail the area

Recommended period for sailing the Croatian coast is between April and October, and the peak season is in July and August. Less crowded, but still warm are MayJune, September and October.

Croatian coast enjoys Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. Summers are hot with temperatures going up to 40 °C and the sea temperature is around 25 °C. The Adriatic Sea gets plenty of sunshine - 2600 hours per year on average.

Winds and waves

There are eight winds that blow on the Adriatic. Each has its own characteristics and they can often be recognized by clouds appearing on the sky. The Adriatic Sea is, in general, very tame and will not cause you any significant trouble while sailing. Special attention has to be paid to a sudden and strong storm called neverin, which occurs 3-4 times per month in this area. Neverin usually lasts only half an hour, but it can be very powerful.

  • Bura - cold and dry north or north-eastern wind that blows in very strong gusts which makes sailing challenging, can bring heavy rain and snow (during winter), but after it ends, brings clear skies and lovely weather
  • Jugo - warm and humid south or south-eastern wind that brings clouds and bad weather, as well as big waves, allegedly causes people to feel disoriented and depressed or rather feeling under the weather
  • Maestral - most common summer wind, brings lovely and stable weather, always blows from northwest. It is a very constant wind usually reaching speed between 15 and 20 knots, which is perfect for sailing on the Adriatic.
  • Tramontana – northerly cooling wind that brings pleasant weather
  • Grego – moderate or strong northeasterly wind carrying dry, clear and cold weather
  • Levant – easterly wind that blows during cloudy, humid or rainy weather
  • Oštro – southerly, warm and damp wind
  • Lebić – southwesterly, dry and warm wind which blows in the Adriatic after the jugo, leveling the waves in shallow harbors

Waves occur due to winds blowing. On average, the waves are between 0.5 m and 1.5 m, but can get bigger with stronger winds.

Sea currents also occur because of winds, but are hardly noticeable and move at average speed of 0.5 knots.

Tides have small amplitudes, around 40 cm, but can get slightly bigger if jugo is blowing.

Sail in Split region, Yacht charter in Split region, Gastronomy of Split region, Fish

Gastronomy of Split region

Croatian cuisine consists of different ingredients, depending on the region. Split or Central Dalmatian region specializes in fish, seafood, pasta, meat, olive oil and wine. When sailing in the Split area, you will visit many towns and islands where you will eat and drink in many different restaurants and bars that serve gastronomic delights. Here are some of the best restaurants in Split region:

  • Restaurant Marijana, Trogir - not easy to find (a terrace behind the wall of a small alley), serves delicious grilled fish, meat and shrimps that go well with fine wines
  • Restaurant Pojoda, Vis - in village Kut, serves unusual authentic food, has up to eleven seafood starters, homemade liquers as dessert, and orange and lemon trees on the terrace
  • Tavern Jastožera, Vis - you will practically be sitting in the sea because of the restaurant’s proximity to the sea, specialized in seven ways of preparing lobster, offer 50 kinds of quality wines
  • Restaurant Lučice Bay, Brač - situated on the seafront of Milna and offers a mooring place, serves delicious fresh local fish in an exceptional natural ambient and fine wines
  • Restaurant Zori, Palmižana - specializes in organic meat served in Michelin restaurants and champagnes
  • Tavern Porto Rosso, Lastovo - a part of the whole nautical center that includes a cocktail bar, beach and marina in the bay of Skrivena Luka; offers a rich gastronomic offering and a mooring berth for your boat
  • Red Red Wine Bar, Hvar - hundreds of award-winning local and international wines in a romantic interior, offers wine tours

Most important destinations

Although Split is the cultural, administrative and commercial center of the region, there are many quaint places you can visit that will take your breath away.

  • Trogir - a small, beautiful town north of Split with its old core protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, connected with the island of Čiovo by a short bridge
  • Maslinica - a calm place on the island of Šolta perfect for a relaxed holiday, moor in a luxury marina and visit the Marchi castle
  • The Paklinski Islands - around 20 mainly uninhabited islands opposite the town of Hvar with a lot of beautiful beaches and bays
  • Šćedro - a tranquil island with seafront restaurants that offer buoys where you can moor your boat
  • Komiža - known for excellent traditionally prepared seafood, there are organized fishing competitions, Kamenica Beach is perfect for swimming and tanning during the day and for partying during the night, Modra spilja (Blue Cave) offers spectacular game of hues of blue
  • Lastovo - one of the sunniest islands of the Adriatic, offers plenty of swimming areas in beautiful bays, famous for its carnival Poklad and Venetian architecture, attracts sailors because of high quality restaurants that offer moorings

Sail in Split region, Yacht charter in Split region, Komiza, Vis

Where to anchor and interesting marinas in Split area

Croatian coast has more than a thousand harbors, marinas and bays for anchoring and mooring, and twice as much buoys. Buoys are more accessible and more affordable than marinas.


  • Krknjaši, Drvenik Veli - picturesque bay perfect for swimming during the day and for having a peaceful relaxation during the night, sandy seabed with depth of 6-7 m, sheltered from westerly winds and bura, no concession
  • Šešula, Šolta - good shelter from all winds, except westerly winds and neverin, buoys available, the seabed is sandy, sludgy and grassy, depth is 2-15 m depending on how close to the shore you anchor, no concession
  • Luka, Brač - tranquil anchorage, good shelter from bura, sandy seabed with depth 7-8 m, restaurants offer buoys while you enjoy fresh fish and seafood, under concession
  • Ždrilca, Paklinski Islands - one of the most popular nautical destinations due to clean sea and excellent restaurants, depth is 5-6 m, the seabed is sandy, no concession
  • Luka Tiha, Hvar - choose this one for a peaceful time, western side of the bay is perfect when maestral and westerly winds blow, eastern side of the bay is perfect when jugo blows, the middle has a depth of 30 m and is reserved for big ships, under concession
  • Lovišće, Šćedro - almost uninhabited location ideal for fishing, the seabed is grassy with depth 5-10 m, no worries about bad weather, except if bura blows, there are fine restaurants in the vicinity and a 15th century monastery, no concession
  • Budikovac, Vis - sheltered well, so you can stay overnight, depth is 3 m, white pebbled beach is perfect for sunbathing and the sea is very clear, find a great local cuisine restaurant and some glamping possibilities, no concession
  • Porat and Mezoporat, Biševo - both on the small island popular for its magnificent Blue Cave, Mezoporat is affected by bura and tramontana, Porat is affected by westerly winds, the seabed is sandy, the sea is ideal for swimming, under concession

Sail in Split region, Yacht charter in Split region, Paklinski Islands, Palmizana


  • ACI Marina Split - offers a great view over Split, tranquil during the night, 318 berths and 30 dry berths, max depth 10 m, excellent protection from waves and southerly winds, all amenities, open all year - https://www.aci-marinas.com/en/aci_marina/aci-split/
  • Trogir area:
    • ACI Marina Trogir - offers the best view over the UNESCO-protected town, the bridge allows boats with heighth up to 2.8 m, 174 berths and 35 dry berths, all amenities, Split Airport is in the vicinity, open all year - https://www.aci-marinas.com/en/aci_marina/aci-trogir/
    • Marina Trogir - under construction, a top-notch marina, offers around 250 berths for vessels up to 25 m in length and around 30 berth for megayachts up to 120 m in length
    • Marina Baotić, Seget - quality marina with all facilities needed (restaurant, shops, gas station), has 250 berths and 150 dry berths for yachts up to 60 m in length, in the vicinity of Split Airport, walking distance to Trogir - https://www.marinabaotic.com/hr/248.html
    • Marina Agana - renewed several years ago, 134 berths and 70 dry berths, for vessels up to 25 m in length, eco-friendly, all amenities - http://www.marina-agana.hr/

Telephone numbers you might need

Emergency – 112
Police – 192
Fire department – 193
Ambulance – 194
Search and rescue at sea – 195
Road assistance – 1987
General information – 18981
Tourist information, Split – 021 348 600

Croatia country calling code is +385