Sailing Marseille Region

Charter your yacht in the oldest city in France – Marseille. It is located in the south of France and is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. Marseille has a long history and is truly a cosmopolitan melting pot. Besides beautiful beaches, there are a lot of cultural events you can attend in Marseille.

If you are in town on 21 June, you will witness the entire city becoming a big concert stage, as it is then that Fête de la Musique, a big music festival with free concerts, takes place. If you are a sailor, a visit to the cube-shaped Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations is a must. One part of this spectacular building is even built underwater.


The most popular place in the city is the Old Port of Marseille or Vieux-Port, where you can still see old yachts and wooden fishing boats. Don’t miss the morning fish market! While being on your sailing vacation in Marseille, you have to try bouillabaisse, the world famous fish stew that originates from this area. It is usually made for large groups of people so you’ll have a chance to socialize over a plate of this delicious stew!

Choose a Boat

It is comfortable to sail from May to September, although some people like to sail in April and October as well.