Yacht Charter Montenegro

The moment you charter a yacht in Montenegro, you will realize that, even though it takes up a small part of the Adriatic Sea (around 300 km), it is definitely a new “it” destination, especially for luxury yacht charter. Combination of mountains and crystal-clear waters creates a spectacular seaside scenery.


After a cup of coffee in bar and restaurant One, hop aboard a sailing boat or a catamaran in Porto Montenegro, a luxury yacht marina in Tivat. Montenegro has the most yacht-friendly legislation in Europe, so you will be able to sail with duty-free fuel and reduced VAT on marine services.

A jewel of the Southern Adriatic – Montenegro, located in Southeastern Europe is a pleasant sailing destination with much to offer.
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The town of Kotor, protected by UNESCO, is surrounded by fascinating mountains that rise well above a thousand meters. Settled in a beautiful bay, this romantic old town with St Tryphon’s Cathedral from the 12th century has a rich past waiting for you to discover it.

The most vivid part of Montenegro is the Budva Riviera with its numerous beaches and ancient walled towns clinging to the rocks. While you are there, visit the town’s citadel and four churches, and go to Mogren, one of Montenegro’s best beaches. Across Budva is Sveti Stefan Island, a hotel resort that has hosted many celebrities. In the area, you can also find luxury and beautiful beaches to rest on, such as Miločer Beach or Queen’s Beach.

Why sailing in Montenegro?

  • It has more than 250 days of sun and a typical Mediterranean climate.
  • The fusion of the mountains and the sea creates a spectacular seaside scenery.
  • Kotor is one of the only ten bays in the world listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Montenegrin culture has been influenced by both the East and the West, which makes it an interesting country to discover.
  • Duty-free fuel and reduced VAT on marine services make sailing in Montenegro less costly than in some other destinations.
  • The local people are very charming and friendly.
  • Sailing Montenegro is a perfect extension to sailing in Croatia.