Is it Better to Sail in Croatia or Italy?

Italy is one of top tourist destinations in the world and a popular yacht charter spot. Sail in Italy and discover its charming coastal villages, glamourous stretches of coast, rugged islands. Italy also boasts world famous cuisine, friendly people and important historical monuments.

Italy's sailing hot spots include the areas around Naples, the Tuscan Islands, Sardinia, Sicily and the Amalfi Coast.

Italy's west side is generally considered to offer better sailing experience than its Adriatic coast. However, though beautiful, if you opt for yacht charter in Italy sail Italy's west coast gets very crowded during high season and marinas can get quite expensive. 

Croatia is not as fashionable as Italy so there are still places where you can find a quiet and secluded anchorages. Like Italy, Croatia also boasts its historical monuments, excellent wines and cuisine. Its coast is dotted with centuries-old towns, national parks and secluded beaches.
With more than a thousand islands, Croatia is a yacht charter gem. Decide on yacht charter in Croatia and you will enjoy an abundance of bays, beaches and coves in 5,835 km of Croatia's coastline to choose from.

Marina fees in Croatia vary depending upon the size of the yacht and the location. However, for the price you get a quite good facility quality - showers and shore power are widely available.

Croatia has a typical Mediterranean climate, while its sailing season peaks in July and August - same as in other Mediterranean destinations. Although winds in Croatia are generally considered predictable and steady, there is the Bora, a wind that can "spice up" your yacht charter adventure in Croatia. Good thing is that strong Bora is more common in winter months. 

There are several sailing areas in Croatia - around Istria and Croatia's northern coast, the Kornati Islands, central Dalmatian islands, and the every southern coast. The Kornati Islands are perhaps the most attractive sailing grounds of them all. This national park features an archipelago of 140 islands of unique landscapes and fantastic slalom-like sailing opportunities.
Sail Italy or sail Croatia? Yes, the decision is not an easy one.