Seago liferaft

A Life Raft for Two

The renowned manufacturer of quality marine products Seago presented their smallest ever life raft at the recently held METS ‒ Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam. The Seago 2 Men Rescue Raft is designed for use on vessels with limited space.

The size of the unfolded raft is close to the size of a smaller suitcase – 500X330X170 mm. Its weight is 15 kg and it inflates fully within 5 seconds. The capacity of this item is 2 persons or 200 kg of total weight capacity. It is reversible, which means that, once thrown into the sea, it doesn’t matter which side faces upwards.

The rescue raft is equipped with grab lines for boarding and 3×40 liter water pockets on each side for stability and safe stepping when boarding. Seago 2 Men Rescue Raft is packed in a red valise and is colored in easily noticeable bright orange color. The equipment of this item also includes a whistle, a rescue throwing quoit and a paddle.

Seago liferaft

Once inflated, the raft becomes a hexagon with the size of 1650 mm from edge to edge, while its buoyancy tube is 250 mm in diameter. The raft can also be found under the code RP 500 Rescue Platform and is designed to be used aboard vessels in coastal areas or inland waters. This rescue raft could also find its purpose aboard private light aircrafts. In fact, it is suitable for all crafts where the space is at a premium.

Its maintenance requires service intervals of 3 years, primarily because the inflation system uses CO2. Keep in mind that this item is not a SOLAS-standardized rescue raft, so a grab bag is highly recommended. In another words, RP 500 Rescue Platform would not be enough to safely leave coastal or inland waters.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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