ACI Pomer – the Southernmost Istrian ACI Marina

ACI Pomer is located just 8 km from Pula so it is considered its second marina, apart of ACI Pula which is located in the town center. Pomer used to be a small fishermen village benefiting from its location for centuries.

It is positioned in a deep bay on the SE part of the southernmost cape of Istria and is well protected from all winds. One part of Pomer the bay belongs to ACI marina while the other part is reserved for a large fish and mussels farm. The surroundings of Pomer are very quiet and relaxing while the nature is untouched and preserved so many nature lovers found their place for leisure houses in this area. On the other hand, many citizens of Pula come here on a regular basis in search of tranquility. So is the case with the yachtsmen.

Photo Credit: ACI d.d.

ACI Pula would be a better place to start your sailing trip and is recognized as a basis marina while ACI Pomer refers to a nice place to stop by and take a rest from demanding sailing leg. The marina can accommodate as much as 298 yachts on mooring berths equipped with electricity and fresh water while additional 30 yachts could be placed on dry berths. ACI Pomer works all year round and is equipped with all standard marina facilities. Larger yachts can count on the three-phase current strength of 63 A, while all other vessels can count on single-phase current.

Photo Credit: ACI d.d.

There is a yacht wash-up waste water treatment plant in ACI Pomer along with 10 t crane. Petrol stations are located in close vicinity as well. One is located in Pula town port while the other is in Pješčana bay, just few bays from Pomer towards Pula, opposite the marina Veruda, the third marina in the vicinity of Pula town.

Due to its position in the middle of the beautiful Istrian nature, ACI Pomer is very popular among both yacht owners and those who use chartered ones. Even out of season a cheerful club-like atmosphere remains in Pomer, giving visitors a feeling of being at home, surrounded by friends. A pleasant environment of ACI Pomer is emphasized by the remains of antic villa rustica which reminds us that this place was recognized as a place to be ages ago.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!


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