An Inland Marina – ACI Marina Skradin

I know this sounds a little bit weird, but ACI Marina Skradin is the only marina in the Croatian Adriatic that is not marked in nautical charts. That is due to a very simple reason. The marina does not lie on the coast of the sea, but deep inland. But do not worry. This is not a fancy dry dock, but a proper marina.

View on Krka river and Skradin city from the rock
View on Krka river and Skradin city from the rock

The town of Skradin is situated deep in the mainland, not far from the larger coastal town of Šibenik, and is connected to the Adriatic Sea by the stunning canyon of the river Krka. If you intend to sail to the mainland, you should enter the Šibenik canal and proceed into the mouth of the river Krka and further through the canyon. Skradin is the last point you can reach because, from there on, the river gets too shallow and narrow for sailing yachts. This is where Krka National Park begins. To visit this natural wonder, you can leave your yacht in ACI Marina Skradin.

Krka National Park

Owners of yachts will also be interested in ACI Skradin, since it is open throughout the year. The marina lies on the fresh water so yachtsmen will have fewer problems with salt and its effect on the deck and instruments, although the underwater part of the hull will be affected by the river flora more than it is in the sea. Visitors are offered a beautiful view of Skradin from the marina. In the marina, there are decent shower/toilet facilities, as well as an excellent bar and bistro. All floating pontoons are equipped with fresh water and electric sockets. The total capacity of ACI Skradin includes 180 mooring berths. The nearest gas station is in Šibenik, around 8 NM from Skradin. Grocery shops, supermarkets, souvenir shops and a farmer’s market, as well as some fine restaurants and taverns, are all located in Skradin, a five-minutes’ walk from the marina.


Those who intend to charter a yacht in Skradin or leave their own in the marina should not worry about the location – a major Croatian highway passes near Skradin, while international airports in Zadar and Split are around 45-minutes’ drive away from Skradin. Enough has been said, the rest is to be experienced…  I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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