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Tin is a marketing specialist at SailingEurope. Young journalist with a background in project managment and media in general. Sailing enthusiast, anthropologist and explorer.

Top 10 Caribbean Islands To Visit in 2019

The Caribbean islands are worldwide known for their sandy beaches, crystal clear sea and beautiful private resorts. But there are some of them which offer a bit more compered to the others. To help you make the decision…

Couple left everything and bought a boat to sail the world: Passion, patience and a good partner is all you need!

A young couple that decided there has to be a better lifestyle than working all day to afford the mortgage for the house they are never in!

What to Eat When Sailing: 13 Simple Meals Ideas for Your Sailing Holiday

We recommend these ideas to save time cooking and to eat delish food while on board.

British Overseas Territories and Their Future

British Overseas Territories are under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom,

Top 10 Sailing Books To Read in 2019

We brought you a list of best sailing books for every sailing.

Sustainability and Sailing

Sailing is one of the greenest sports out there but if you’re looking on becoming even more eco-friendly while sailing, we got some advice for you

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