Author: Tin Đudajek

Tin is a marketing specialist at SailingEurope. Young journalist with a background in project managment and media in general. Sailing enthusiast, anthropologist and explorer.

Sailing photography: Interview with Carlo Borlenghi

Sailing Photography

Meet Carlo Borlenghi, amazing Italian photographer.

They took friend’s advice: “If you want to travel the world, don’t buy a couch” and bought sailboat instead


Sailing Uma is not just a boat, it is their entire home. Read Dan’s and Kika’s incredible story.

British Overseas Territories and Their Future

British Overseas territories:

British Overseas Territories are under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom,

Sailing Apps You Shouldn’t Go Out To Sea Without

Interactive Route Planner Sailing Europe

Sailing apps can be very useful while at sea. Technology has advanced so much we can now fully relax and let sailing apps to do all the hard work for us.

Best Gifts For Sailors in 2019


Buying gifts for sailors shouldn’t be such a hard job.

What’s your favorite sailing song?

Sailing song

Here are some of the best sailing songs for every sailor. Enjoy the music!

Unbelievable Šime Fantela – a sailor who won Golden Olympic medal


Interview with the sailor and Olympic Gold medalist, Šime Fantela.

Croatian Festivals To Experience in 2019

Croatian festivals_LFF

Croatian festivals are famous in the world with their rich history, tradition and enjoyable nature which brings more and more people to experience them.

Incredible story about Laura Dekker – youngest sailor to sail the world

Laura Dekker_1

Exceptional story about 14 year old girl who decided to sail around the world.

Couple left everything and bought a boat to sail the world: Passion, patience and a good partner is all you need!


A young couple that decided there has to be a better lifestyle than working all day to afford the mortgage for the house they are never in!