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Croatian Festivals To Experience in 2019

Croatian festivals_LFF

Croatian festivals are famous in the world with their rich history, tradition and enjoyable nature which brings more and more people to experience them.

Incredible story about Laura Dekker – youngest sailor to sail the world

Laura Dekker_1

Exceptional story about 14 year old girl who decided to sail around the world.

Couple left everything and bought a boat to sail the world: Passion, patience and a good partner is all you need!


A young couple that decided there has to be a better lifestyle than working all day to afford the mortgage for the house they are never in!

Top 10 Sailing Books To Read in 2019

Sailors sailing

We brought you a list of best sailing books for every sailing.

Top 10 Sailing Movies To Watch in 2019

Best sailing movies

The ocean, the sea and exceptionally brave sailors in fantastic adventure stories.