Author: Tin Đudajek

Tin is a marketing specialist at SailingEurope. Young journalist with a background in project managment and media in general. Sailing enthusiast, anthropologist and explorer.

Famous Sailboats to Have Ever Sailed

History remembered sailors but not so much the sailboats. That’s why we’re bringing you the list of the most famous sailboat to have ever sailed.

Why to Book a Boat Early

You’re may be wondering why to book a boat early? Avoiding the stress and best prices on the market are just some of the advantages of early-booking.

Sailing Superstitions: Grab a Black Cat and Leave the Bananas

Sailing superstitions are a great reminder of sailing history. Sea, being unpredictable as it is, made sailors turn to superstitions for safety.

Best Seas for Sailing: From Adriatic to the Andaman

Have you ever wondered what is the best sea for sailing? Well, we don’t know but here are some of our favourite seas for sailing.

How Much Does A Yacht Cost

Have you ever wondered how much does a yach cost? Read our blog post and find out what prices you should expect when bying a boat.

Circumnavigation or Sailing Around the World

Circumnavigation has always been an obsession of humanity. Meet some of the bravest circumnavigators from the history.

Sailing Apps You Shouldn’t Go Out To Sea Without

Sailing apps can be very useful while at sea. Technology has advanced so much we can now fully relax and let sailing apps do all the hard work for us.

Unbelievable Šime Fantela – a sailor who won Golden Olympic medal

Interview with the sailor and Olympic Gold medalist, Šime Fantela.

Top 10 Sailing Movies To Watch in 2019

The ocean, the sea and exceptionally brave sailors in fantastic adventure stories.

Top 10 Sailing Destinations

What is the best sailing destination in the world? It’s a hard one, we know! That’s why we put together a list of top 10 sailing destinations in the world.

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