Blue Lagoon in the Heart of the Adriatic – Stupe

The lagoon is a beautiful and calm place where you can anchor your charter yacht and take a swim in crystal-clear turquoise waters. There is also a small pier which can receive dinghies, motorboats or smaller sailing boats. Why would someone want to get to the pier in a beautiful lagoon with a safe anchorage though? The answer lies a few steps from the beach of Stupa Vela.

There is a terrace which hides a restaurant and bar in its shade, surrounded by pure nature. There is no loud music or wild cocktail parties, but a small and cheerful family restaurant offering you seafood delicacies. This place was formerly owned by a tourist company from Korčula, welcoming nudists from Korčula and Pelješac. Afterwards, the bar and restaurant were abandoned because the company went bankrupt, while the lagoon and the beach were occasionally visited by random passengers.

Around ten years ago, the concession was renewed and the forgotten lagoon became a popular place for swimming, sunbathing and having a delicious lunch. There is neither electric power nor fresh water, which intensifies the feeling of being surrounded by untouched nature.

The food prepared here is pretty simple, but extremely delicious and perfect in its simplicity. All recipes originate from the kitchen of the owner’s grandmother and all vegetables, spices, olives, figs and wine coming from the owner’s yard in Žrnovo, near Korčula town. Since the owners’ ancestors belonged to a peasant family, the menu is also modest and not too expensive, but very pure, and carrying a taste of past times. The menu always consists of scampi a la buzara, amberjack or tuna steaks, octopus salad, octopus a la buzara, salted sardines, homemade pršut (prosciutto) and island cheese.

For those who cannot imagine their lives without meat, a nice cutlet, T-bone steak or even beefsteak can be grilled and served with one of the delicious vegetable side dishes, which are the specialty of the restaurant and can also be served as a main course.

It is strongly recommended to make a stop in the lagoon when sailing through the canal. You can also charter a yacht in Korčula marina and spend an afternoon enjoying the nature before the evening sightseeing of the medieval walls of the old town of Korčula.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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