Bobovišća: A Safe Anchorage in a Beautiful Environment

Anchorage Bobovišća is located in a deep bay on the western side of Brač Island, in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic. According to numerous sailors who have visited Bobovišća, it is one of the most pleasant and protected bays in the area.

Surrounded by steep banks, and covered with a pine tree forests, Bobovišća Bay is a tranquil place with a special atmosphere. The breeze which runs between the branches creates a magical soundtrack, which is supported by an orchestra of crickets. The water is crystal clear and invites you to jump, even before you anchor your boat.

The anchorage is equipped with 32 buoys which provide safe berth for yachts up to 25 m of length. Although the bay is protected from all winds, the safety is guaranteed by the MANTA RAY® anchor system – 26 mm reverse umbrella-shaped anchors mounted 2 m deep into the sea floor. Every buoy possesses a quality certificate, whose warranty is prolonged annually, after a technical supervision. The cheerful anchorage staff will help you moor your floating home and provide you with all relevant information.


There are not more than 50 inhabitants in Bobovišća, but this number is multiplied during summer season, when weekenders from Split arrive to their leisure houses and sea-cottages. There are two groceries and taverns in Bobovišća, while snorkeling and swimming adventures can be found either in Bobovišća or a nearby bay, below the former quarry site.

Bobovišća is the place where Vladimir Nazor, a famous Croatian poet, spent his later days and wrote work inspired by the environment. Why would you not share the mood and find your own inspiration in Bobovišća? You will not miss it if you steer you boat to 43°21′ N 16°28’E.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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