Brand New Concept of Jammers – Karver KJ

The recent METS Dame Award in Amsterdam has brought us a lot of rewarded items but some of the nominees also deserve to be mentioned. One of those is Karver KJ, an innovative and brand new concept of jammers.

Experts from Karver were observing standard jammer system and noticed that the major causes of sailors’ frustration are slipping of the ropes from jammers and the damage of modern ropes when used with standard jammers. Therefore Karver managed to design and patent a brand new rope holding technology.

Karver KJ technology is based on 3 jaws moving inside the alloy cone. The jaws squeeze and lock the rope without causing any damages up to the highest load of 10 tons with the biggest model. Cutting edge technology, a brand new design along with use of modern materials made this product one of the most wanted novelties on the sailing gear market.

Furthermore, Karver went beyond mentioned and developed the option with remote control system which provides opening and closing of the jammer without leaving position. Karver KJ is very easy to attach to any type of deck or mast while its light weight is one of the most liked features of the new product, thanks to the use of futuristic materials which guarantee light weight and high durability.

Since one of the most mentioned disadvantages of standard jammers was the height needed to unlock and lock the jammer and the durability of the handle, Karver KJ dimensions are very small while jamming system does not acquire standard height; so Karver KJ can be attached to almost any position on the deck or mast. Last but not least, the first sailors to test this jammer were amazed by the fact that the whole jammer body maintenance is easy with only one screw while, in case of failure, the entire body could be replaced in only five minutes!

Karver KJ comes in five sizes allowing the use with ropes from 6 to 32 mm and safe working load up to 10 tons. Among disadvantages there is a rumor that the product will cost a fortune, since it is produced by Karver. However, its reliability and high performance guarantees that it is worth every penny invested in this product.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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