Tiwal 3

Tiwal 3: For Those Addicted to Sailing

I think we all agree that sailing is a great pleasure. Some of us do it professionally, some do it for love, some just like it but some of us are real addicts. This time, I am not dividing people into categories, I just want to help those who can’t live without sailing.

Tiwal 3 is the smallest sailing dinghy I have ever seen. This vessel comes in a kit, which means that you can put it together and start sailing after only 20 minutes! It takes a little less to disassemble it but I think you can do it even faster through the course of time.

Tiwal 3 Source: www.tiwal.com

The hull of this toy is made of robust PVC rubber and constructed as two inflatable chambers while its frame, rudder, mast and boom are made of ultra light durable materials. The mainsail (the only sail) surface is 7 m², while total weight (without the crew) is not more than 50 kg.

The transport kit comes as two bags with dimensions of 145 cm X 40 cm X 35 cm, which means that it suits the trunk of your car. It also doesn’t take too much space if you own a motor yacht and want to sail during the breaks of your cruise. This inflatable sailing dinghy is designed for one adult person but I believe it could be safe enough for one adult and two smaller kids since its transport capacity is up to 200 kg.

Tiwal 3 Source: www.tiwal.co

I can imagine Tiwal 3 as an additional leisure equipment aboard big motor yachts, for enthusiasts traveling around in campers, for sailing lovers living close to a lake and for all who don’t have enough followers to rent a sailing yacht for sailing holidays but can’t live without sailing. Although the price of Tiwal 3 is about EUR 5.490, this sailing dinghy can provide a lot of fun to you and your youngsters for more than just one summer.

I wish you a calm sea, a fair wind and a strong mast!

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