Hanse 345

Hanse 345 Review

Hanse Yachts apparently decided to follow the trends of downsizing in the automotive industry and created the Hanse 345, which is the downsized model of the very successful and popular Hanse 355. The reduced size and weight, however, are not the only changes made in comparison with the ‘elder sister’ Hanse 355.

It is all about the successful classical features by Hanse that are now improved and advanced. The hull is 51 cm shorter than that of the Hanse 355, but the beam and the waterline length are just 5 cm shorter. This results in the more spacious and functional interior. Furthermore, its weight is reduced by 200 kg, whereas the ballast is increased by the same amount. This results in the better balance and sailing performances. In other words, the result is the higher speed.

The hull and the superstructure are designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co. in its signature manner, emphasizing the elegant lines and curves and achieving the advanced functionality above and under the deck. Large windows made of tinted glass give it a modern look from the outside while the interior now has additional lighting which makes the yacht seem larger. Additional space is achieved by setting two steering wheels inside the cockpit. This enabled the designers to implement wider and more comfortable cockpit benches and a table.

The designers of the Hanse 345 implemented the Hanse Easy Sailing Concept to this model too, giving the skipper an opportunity to fully control the sails and free the deck from ropes and lines and enabling the crew to enjoy the clean deck. This system, in fact, hides most of the ropes, lines, reefs and halyards under the deck while their stoppers and winches are placed as close to the skipper’s position as possible. This arrangement of deck equipment makes the yacht perfect for families with small kids when they sail with a hired skipper and when the crew does not want to be involved in maneuvers. It is also excellent for solo sailing. The self-tacking jib system emphasizes the functionality of the Hanse Easy Sailing Concept.

Standard equipment includes the Elvstrøm sails – the 32.5 sq m mainsail and the 22.5 sq m jib. The size of the sails may not sound impressive but their functionality shows up when the achieved speed is compared to the size, weight and other parameters. At the end of the day, the quality of this concept, which perfectly combines comfort, functionality and speed, was proven this year when the Hanse 345 gained popularity both with private owners and charter customers.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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