Hook and Moor system

Hook and Moor – A Clever Grapnel

It has happened so many times! Perfectly planned docking maneuver becomes a nightmare because clumsy port assistance could not squeeze a mooring line through the ring on the shore fast enough and your yacht goes into a disaster carried by the side-wind and stream.

Or another situation, you are so keen to land after day and night of solo navigation, most often doing winter transfer; and there is nobody ashore to catch your mooring line and help you tie your boat. I played a cowboy so many times, trying to hit a colon or a pole just to stop the boat for a while, until I secure other ropes and lines before taking few hours of rest. I also tried to invent some system with rope and grapnel anticipating such situations but my intentions ended up in total failure

Or even better! How many times you saw a bunch of people on the bow staring into the water, shouting and waving something incomprehensible to the skipper, obviously trying to catch the ring of the buoy

My excitement was endless when I discovered a unique innovation called Hook and Moor! This simple grapnel does it just as I wanted so many times in the past. It helps you moor your boat by threading a mooring rope through a mooring ring with a simple push and pull. The mooring rope is squeezed through the ring/hook at the end of the pole (clever grapnel) and all you have to do is to catch the ring and pull the pole back. The clever head of this grapnel is equipped with a system of rings and hooks and leads your rope through the mooring ring, catches it again after rounding the ring and gets it back in your hand!

Hook & Moor is made in glass fiber reinforced PA 66 and forged aluminium so it is very light but solid. There are several sizes available. For ordinary use in yachting and boating there are telescopic versions as long as 115 cm when folded. This innovative grapnel firstly helps you in a real situation.

Secondly, it does not cost too much; and last but not least, the use of Hook & Moor prevents massive damages to your boat and your ego by avoiding collision with neighbouring boats at the marina or getting stuck into neighbors’ mooring lines…

Hook & Moor is produced and sold under Swedish brand Robship. Feel free to visit their web site or their dealers in your country. There is more than one clever invention that makes seafarer’s life easier…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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  1. Appreciating the commitment you put into your site and in depth information you offer. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material. Great read!

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