XC 35

Hot News from X Yachts on Boot 2014 – XC 35

The new pearl in the collection of the Xcruising edition was presented by X Yachts at this year’s edition of Boot Show in Düsseldorf. This yacht is designed to provide excellent sailing performances accompanied by easy handling, a luxury interior and a rich standard equipment package. The concept of Xcruising yachts has already been acknowledged as a successful project after XC yachts won the European yacht of the year competition in 2009 and 2011.

The displacement of the XC 35 is about 30% bigger than on usual performance sailing yachts. This enables the integration of bigger and more powerful engines and batteries. The storage spaces are larger and more spacious, which enables the embarkation of even more equipment and luggage.

The hull sequences are deeper while the V-shaped bow section is steeper. The beam and the superstructure remain moderate in their dimensions so that even a single couple in the crew can handle everything easily. The spacious interior is designed for the crew of two couples, providing them with an integrated toilet and bathroom, spacious storage spaces and the fully equipped kitchen. All wood sections are made of teak.

The standard equipment specification considers full sandwich lamination, the steel support grid, 30-horse power engine with a folding propeller, 20-litre water heater, the integrated life raft storage and aluminum mast with the full-length steel bars.

Length overall is 10,36 m, while the waterline amounts to 9.6 m. The beam amounts to 3,52 m, with the 1,9 m draft and the 6450 kg displacement, of which exactly one third (2150 kg) is the ballast. The sails area consists of the 35,75 m2 mainsail and 29,65 m2 of the jib. The asymmetrical spinnaker is meant to cover the surface of 101.14 m2.

I have no doubt about the success of this brand new product from the Danish shipyard since her predecessors have already found their fans among fans of the relaxed long distance sailing with rather small yachts.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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