Is Your Anchor Still Holding?

Probably every skipper who has ever spent the night at the anchor did not sleep well, at least in their beginners’ years of sailing and yacht chartering. Everybody knows that anchoring is not only a maneuver but a virtue which is being gained through experience. No matter how many times you have safely anchored, you are never absolutely sure that your anchor will hold until the morning.

Is the anchor holding at all? Is the type of the anchor appropriate for this sea floor? Did I leave enough chain? What if wind changes the direction? All those questions keep appearing in the head of a skipper spending the night at the anchor. The least what skipper could do in order to provide him few hours of sleep is to organize watch hours with his crew. That is a good idea only if skipper could trust that his crew would be disciplined and holds to the schedule and not fall asleep.

However, all these situations make sailing on charter yachts interesting and always a new experience. IT industry keeps bombing us with new applications for our mobile devices. Most of them are thought to help us in our lives and make it easier to solve some situations. I doubt that it is good to rely too much on electronic devices, which are still only machines and do not think as human beings.

Luckily there is an application which helps skippers to have a peaceful night and take a rest for another day of sailing. It is about the most complete system to monitor anchoring. After setting anchor and boat GPS points, Anchor Safe Monitor helps you control monitors your mooring state in real-time. In case of moving from set GPS points this application sends you an audio alarm, e-mail or a phone call as a notification. The application is available at iTunes.

Since it is about GPS positions it is crucial that your GPS locator on your mobile device is turned on. However, that might significantly reduce your battery capacity so be careful with charging them on time.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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