Skrivena Luka, Lastovo

Latest News from Skrivena Luka on Lastovo

The amazing Skrivena luka (the “hidden port”) is still where it used to be the last time – on the southern part of the island of Lastovo. Some things have changed, however, since the last time I mentioned it. Unfortunately, Jure Kvinta, the successor of his family’s long tradition of lighthouse keeping is no longer in charge of Struga lighthouse. This gorgeous lighthouse, the second oldest in the Adriatic (built in 1838), still dominates the landscape, but frequent visits to the gallery as well as dinners below it are no longer possible. However, the current lighthouse keeper will show you around and let you enjoy the breathtaking sunset if you politely approach him and ask him for that. It is possible to lease some of the lighthouse premises so access to the lighthouse perimeter is prohibited when there are people who have paid for their lonely holidays at a remote lighthouse.

Struga, Lastovo
Struga, Lastovo

The news from Skrivena luka bay concern the new accommodation facilities for yachts. In front of the restaurant Porto Rosso, there is a small marina organized to accommodate the ever-demanding yachtsmen. There is a brand new wharf equipped with moorings, 220 V electric current sockets and fresh water taps. Showers and toilets are located behind the restaurant, while garbage dumpsters are just a few meters away. The great news is that docking at the wharf is not reserved for restaurant guests only. Overnight stay it the Porto Rosso ‘marina’ is charged separately from your dinner’s bill. And the prices are not high at all. It is recommended to book your stay in advance because Skrivena luka and Porto Rosso are pretty busy in the high season.


Porto Rosso amazes its guests with fresh seafood in the “catch-of-the-day” manner. Excellent food ispod peke (“under peka“) is offered with an order made at least three hours in advance. You can try this traditional way of preparing food in Croatia (under a steel bell covered with hot coals) with meals such as fish, octopus with potatoes, island-grown lamb and young goat. The specialty of the house is lobster in tomato sauce with pasta. This may sound pretty ordinary, but all the ingredients are home-made and home-grown. Lobster is caught in the depths of Lastovo waters.

In case some guests wish to visit another place on the island, there is a round-the-clock taxi service available at Porto Rosso. Last but not least, while waiting for dinner, your children can “kill time” at the sandy beach located just a few steps from the wharf. Although it is one of the remotest Croatian islands, it is possible to organize a winter stay for your yacht at this hidden port. As Skrivena luka is a part of Lastovo nature park, do not be surprised when rangers approach you to charge you for the ticket and to remind you about the terms of nature-friendly behavior…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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