Marina Kremik – A Marina You Will Love

Located some 25 km south of Šibenik, near touristic center Primošten, this marina will for sure conquer your heart. Thanks to its location deep in the mainland, the marina represents one of the best sheltered marinas at the Adriatic. Furthermore, the surrounding hills are not just naked rocks, but vineyards that are hundreds years old. Here, the famous Babić wine is produced.


In order to preserve the nature, the managers of the marina have made efforts, so the marina was awarded a Blue Flag, the recognition of the Foundation for Environmental Education which denotes that the facilities are being run in line with strict environmental standards and norms. Another advantage of Marina Kremik is its vicinity to Split International Airport, while the airport in Zadar is not far either. It takes some 30-45 minutes drive from Split and about an hour from Zadar airport to get to Kremik.

Nautically-wise, this marina is located almost in the centre of the Croatian coast, making it a perfect starting point for trips to both the north of the Adriatic and the south. You can rent a vessel at some of the several respectable charter companies which have found their home base at Kremik. For more information, visit Yacht Charter Šibenik region. On the other hand, this marina provides a safe berth if you get caught by a storm or heavy seas on your way up and down the Adriatic.

The marina is not famous for its vibrant life during the summer, so those who look for a safe berth surrounded by beautiful nature will find their peace here. For those who like rich and roaring social life, there is a 24/7 taxi service from the marina to nearby Primošten. Yacht owners like this marina for its safety, protecting them both from weather conditions and possible thefts because the entire marina is equipped with video surveillance and the yachts are taken care of by skilled craftsmen and maintenance professionals.


There are almost 400 moorings in the sea accompanied by some 150 dry berths. The pontoons are equipped with fresh water and 220 V/380 V electricity. Marina service center is authorized for Yanmar, Volvo, Caterpillar, Mercruiser, Raytheon and Besenzoni, while services related to repairing, reconstruction, installation and painting can easily be done here. There is a well-equipped boat shop at the marina, as well as a supermarket and a restaurant, although I would suggest a ride to Primošten for a better choice of food supplies and restaurants.

Although the marina is pretty quiet and almost deserted during summer weekdays, it gets pretty crowded and vibrant on Saturdays when charter companies are the busiest. The “privacy” of the marina makes it perfect for organizing teambuilding events, flotilla gatherings or other kinds of events. I like this marina for its beauty and safety, while the beautiful environment can make you start daydreaming, especially if you are here to do some work…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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