Mojito – to Drink or to Sail?

Although sipping a fine refreshing mojito aboard a nice sailing yacht is a special summer pleasure, the mojito in this post does not refer to a type of cocktail, but to a sailing yacht. Mojito 888 is a brand new and extremely interesting sailing yacht model made by the French boat manufacturer Idbmarine. It is described as a family speeder because it is big enough to accommodate a small family and is good enough to win a race.

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The Mojito 888 deserves our attention not only for her extraordinary appearance and hull designed by Pierre Rolland, but because it was elected the sailboat of the year 2015 by the French magazine Voile. The cockpit is large and spacious, just like on fast ocean speeders. It provides enough space to control the sail area of 56 m2 (31 m2 mainsail and 25 m2 genoa). The optional solent and spinnaker surfaces amount to 17 m2 and 75 m2. The Mojito 888’s hull is 8.88 m long with maximum beam of 3.45 m, while her swinging keel draft ranges between 2.25 m and 0.95 m. A fix keel option is also available.

The Mojito 888 is powered by a 14 HP Yanmar bi-cylinders engine, fueled by diesel from a 34 l capacity tank. Fresh water is stored in a 120 l water tank and can be used in separate shower and toilet compartments and a sink in the galley to the portside. Aside from the galley, the saloon is equipped with two straight settees and a folding wooden dining table, as well as a chart table with instrument area for navigation to the starboard.

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The front cabin is equipped with a triangular double berth while the aft cabin includes the standard double berthing. The constructors of Mojito 888 have found enough space under the cockpit to accommodate a rubber dinghy, while double polyester rudders are controlled by a single steering wheel. At the end of the day, all the mentioned data indicates that this is a yacht designed for the ultimate fun on the sea, and the yacht’s name indicates the same, after all…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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