Nomen (Est Omen) – Sailing Gear or Another Latin Language Lesson?

This time my intention is not to teach you Latin language phrases but to share few information on deck equipment news.

It is a German based Nomen Products Company which produces deck gear since 2002. Many of their products were awarded for design or functionality.

Nomen Clip-cleat is their latest innovation presented on recent Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) held in Amsterdam in November 2013. The biggest and probably the most important marine equipment fair gathering professionals from nautical industry since 1988.

Nomen Clip-cleat is innovative and elegant substitute for traditional cleats as we know them so far. The major innovation is its design divided into rigid central part and two moving elements at the ends of a cleat.

The rigid part absorbs the pulling force while moving elements mounted on the ends of the cleat and supported by springs remain unstressed and prevent uncontrolled and unwanted unwinding of lines when closed.

This innovative system is easy to use even with one hand by simply pressing the moving ends aside. The new Nomen Clip-cleat is available in polished stainless steel or aluminum silver and black versions through partner dealers’ network.

The jury of 2013 METS was impressed by Nomen Clip-cleat’s balance between function and shape as well as with its production quality and has rewarded it with the prize in the deck equipment, sails and rigging category.

I believe that many bowmen would also reward this smart product because the use of clip-cleat saves much time and duct tape – bow cleats have to be isolated by a duct tape in order to prevent mess with spinnaker and gennaker lines as well as the damages of front sails during the regatta.

It is also the bowman’s job to remove duct tape and clean its glue from the deck just after the regatta. These maneuvers and duties are usually accompanied by bowmen’s bad words I don’t want to mention here so the use of clip-cleats provides multiple benefits.

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I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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