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A washing machine and a sailing yacht are not very often mentioned in the same context. Luxury yachts are usually equipped with all sorts of devices, gadgets and machines, including the washing machine, but we rarely talk about washing clothes on sailing yachts. However, from time to time, you will need your clothes washed immediately, due to, say, an unexpected invitation to a fancy dinner or another event that requires some kind of a dress-code. What to do in such situations if you run out of clean clothes?

The problem could be solved by either browsing the harbor and its neighborhood to find a laundry or to wash the clothes by hands. The laundry is usually a pretty god idea if you find one, but it still takes time to get your clean clothes back. On the other hand, washing clothes by hands is not the worst nightmare that can strike you.

Source: yirego.com

The Canadian company Yirego can offer you some help here. They have invented a small and handy device that washes your clothes with just a little bit of detergent and some manpower. This laundry machine is called Drumi, and can easily be mistaken for a trash can. Drumi has a hatch on the top, through which you put your dirty clothes into the machine. There is a small pedal at the bottom that is to be pushed by hand to turn the barrel just in the same way it is turned into washing machines.

Drumi can take as much as 2.5 kg of dirty clothes along with 5 l of water and some liquid detergent. When all the “ingredients” are loaded, a two-minutes-long pedaling is required to mix the detergent and water and let them do their job. After unfolding the water, 5 l of new clean water have to be put in the barrel. Further two minutes of pedaling will finish the washing process. The third and last round of pedaling can be considered as a spinning program.

Not only does Yirego’s Drumi work on nature-friendly energy, but 40% of its parts are made of recycled materials. Also, the consumption of water and washing liquids is by 80 percent lower than with standard washing machines. Drumi is still a project, but will be available at very favorable prices and will make your sailing yacht feel like a luxurious one!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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