Photography and Sailing

Many people have various interests and hobbies that they often combine. One such fantastic combination is photography and sailing. Beautiful sceneries that surround you while sailing the world’s seas and destinations absolutely deserve to be caught on camera. There are some lucky people who manage to embark on Volvo Ocean Race yachts and have a lifetime opportunity to get back with awesome shots. But they are professionals who get paid to report from races…

Hobbyists who would like to combine sailing and photography very often struggle with saving their equipment from salt and moisture. I myself have such problems. In order to save enormous amounts of money for photo-equipment, it would be reasonable to get a waterproof camera, but that is not what enthusiastic photographers want to have during a sailing trip. In my case, this is a never-ending story. I improvise with a cellphone camera, a waterproof contact and a real SLR, which not only improves the quality of my shots, but also the weight of my skipper’s bag.

Photo: Press

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!The most innovative way of combining photography and sailing I have seen so far is the example of the American photographer Daniel Gohstand. He has invented and patented the technology of putting photos onto sails. Gohstand’s innovation is called ImageSails and was presented at the recently held Miami International Boat Show. ImageSails is not only an excellent way of customization of your yacht, but the distinctive look of your sails can be a perfect communication channel. Gohstand offers his photos for your sails, but he can also print your own photos. All you have to do is provide Daniel with the specifications of your sails, as well as with the desired photo. ImageSails is a full-service provider – from the image and design to the finest printed sails. Cooperation with your own sailmaker is also possible. The good news is that printing a photo on sails does not affect their performance!

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