Sailing Catamaran

However, I heard some dissonant sounds as the guests were embarking the charter catamaran. They actually insisted on hostess which would serve breakfast and fix drinks while they would have their lunches and dinners at the restaurants. Unfortunately, my ‘hostess’ is balding and wearing grizzly beard…

After some arguing and urgent call to the agency guests decided to go for dinner at marina restaurant, waiting for respond from their agency, while skipper (me) was determined to mind the regulations and keep the shipmate onboard, with a possibility to hire a hostess on guests’ account.

When guests left the yacht I told to my mate to prepare squids by a local recipe, but to prepare some more than only for two of us…

When guests got back onboard I noticed that they did not enjoy their dinner at marina restaurant and that they are still hungry. Second start of our friendship started with a welcome drink and the offer of our squids prepared onboard. My guests had nothing but to accept the invitation and to admit that the food is really excellent. Soon after dinner and few sips of local vine we started laughing and the atmosphere became more relaxed and cheerful.

The morning after my mate prepared a rich breakfast serving multiple gangs of local and international dishes such as pancakes, mozzarella salad, fruits, hot croissants etc. I waited the end of breakfast and announced the outcome of negotiations with the agency – my mate has to leave the boat and the hostess will arrive in the afternoon to help me sailing and serve the breakfasts, while guests will have their lunches and dinners at the restaurants. “No bloody way!” shouted guests “our chef stays on the boat or we leave and ask our money back from the agency!”

Such respond told me that my joke was successful as well as our approach to our guests. So, after an interesting start we continued our journey in a good mood and cheerful atmosphere.

Such situation lasted whole week until the last night onboard when one of the guests bashfully approached and asked me an unusual question. She asked if we would be offended if they prepared a dinner for us. “Why not?” I said to my mate who decided to add a little spice to the atmosphere. He allowed the crew to use 12 ingredients and has set up time limit for dinner – just like in the ‘master chef’ TV show…

So, soon after one could see two guys at the table on the stern of a luxury catamaran, sipping their aperitifs and observing six adults and children fighting time while preparing specialties from their country, using their dialect in pretty high tune. I got the phone call from a legendary skipper who keeps his boat at the same marina. “What the hell are you two idiots doing at the table while your guests killing themselves by preparing the dinner?!” he shouted over the cell phone, but I could hear him overboard as well. “Only our job, we are pleasing our guests…” I responded in a very low voice. “Bloody hell! Where are my guests now to see how skipper should be treated! You are going to pay me for this!”

Even with reverse roles sailing is always fun…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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