Sailing Gifts for Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, everyone expects Santa to bring them something they have wished for since last Christmas. Let’s imagine that your loved one is a passionate sailor, but your Santa’s budget is insufficient for a brand new boat. In that case, there are plenty of other things you can choose from. This is a list of possible Christmas gifts every passionate sailor would appreciate.

Sailor’s knife – the market abounds with all sorts of knives for survival, camping and active sports. Most of them are made of super-light but stainless and durable alloys and are designed as multi-tool gadgets. That is all fine but keep in mind that sailors are a pretty finicky and specific species.

Whichever the knife your Santa chooses, make sure it is equipped with two most important features: pliers and knife. All other tools are welcome but not necessary. If there are too many features, the knife will be too impractical for fast and safe emergency use. Here is a tip – Leatherman offers a wide range of excellent knives.

A sailor's knife

Sunglasses – There are many sailors who would not set off without their sunglasses on. They do not protect only from sun rays, but also from the wind. The higher the UV index, the better it is to have sunglasses. The same goes for polarization.

Even if your loved one already has sunglasses, it is always smart to have a pair of spare ones. The only problem is the size and shape, which is very variable and personal. To solve that problem, simply save the receipt so that the person can get new sunglasses if the ones you have bought do not fit.

A sailor with sunglasses

Windstopper items – Items made from windstopper are breathable and protect the wearer from wind, which is why they have quickly gained popularity among sailors. The most useful windstopper accessories on the boat would be a hat or cap, turtleneck, headband or balaclava (something you put over your head when robbing a bank). Both you and your Santa can be creative because there is a variety of designs and colors offered. Just make sure there is a windstopper trademark on it.

A windstopper turtleneck Source:

Sailing gloves – neither you nor your Santa can fail with this present because you can be very creative with choosing the right pair. The most important purpose of sailing gloves is to protect the skin from getting ripped off by ropes, as well as to provide a good grip for pulling the ropes. They can also keep the hands warm, but you have to choose special winter models for that. Isn’t it nicer when your loved one touches you with soft and tender hands?

Sailing gloves Source:

Knee pads – This accessory is very useful for sailing races. Any elastic, comfortable, durable and breathable knee-pads would do, but Spinlock specialized in sailor’s knee pads, so, if you want the best, go with them. Who knows, maybe the knee pads will be a motivation for your loved one to start racing!

Women with knee-pads on a sailing yacht Source:

I wish you a calm sea, a fair wind and a strong mast!

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