Šešula bay

Šešula – a Calm Bay on Šolta Island

If you sail to the northwest of the Croatian island of Šolta and decide to spend the night anchored rather than docking in the comfortable marina Martinis-Marchi in Maslinica, then Šešula might be something for you. It is a well-sheltered and calm bay situated some half a mile south from Maslinica. It used to be a lonely bay once, but it has developed as much as the neighboring Maslinica. It is popular among yachtsmen because it is deep enough to protect you from all winds. Despite the possible crowds, do not give up visiting Šešula because there are still some things that make this bay worth paying a visit. The old-fashioned way of anchoring with tying the stern ashore is still possible in the deepest and the calmest cove of the bay, where the depths vary between 8 m and 2 meters. Just beware of other visitors’ anchors and chains, as well as of the width of the cove and you will find a place for your boat.

Catamarans in Šešula bay

As you approach the bay from the sea, you will spot some buoys with moorings. Those still belong to several restaurants on the left side of the bay, among which Šišmiš is the one to be recommended. If you book and announce the arrival in advance, you can count on the assistance with mooring as well as free overnight stay on a buoy after the dinner. This part of the bay used to be famous for noisy parties, but the owners have changed the nature of the restaurant so calm nights are provided to all visitors of the bay.

There are some rumors about the concession over the bay which would transform it into an organized anchorage, but something like that has not happened yet. The latest news from Šešula bay concern fishery in the eastern cove of the bay. Fresh sea bass of different sizes and weight is available on the spot, or as a delivery. In the near future, we can expect bream as well. I am aware that some “fine noses” make faces when fish from a farm is mentioned, but sea bass from Šešula is as good as the wild one for sure. Even better, the wild one has to be caught, while this one just waits for your order…

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!


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