Steer Your Yacht to Komiža

Thanks to its position in a deep bay on the western coast of the island of Vis, Komiža became the birthplace of fishery on the eastern Adriatic coast. Throughout history, its citizens were famous fishermen. Moreover, they were founders of large fisherman’s fleets wherever they emigrated – from Canada, California and Chile to New Zealand and Australia. The famous history is explained in the oldest fishermen museum, situated in a fortress in Komiža. Nowadays, Komiža offers probably the best choice of traditionally prepared seafood. The restaurant Jastožera is at the same time a tavern and a traditional storage for lobsters.

Town of Komiza on Vis island view, Dalmatia, Croatia

The visitors who sail their yachts to Komiža can count on around 25 berths in the town port and on around 80 buoys anchored in the bay. Komiža also welcomes a famous big game fishing competition in July, when some of the biggest tuna fish can be caught in the waters around the town.

On the opposite side of the port, southeast of the bay, there is the famous Kamenica beach. During the day, it is a favorite destination for tourists who enjoy sunbathing and swimming. During the night, the beach turns into one of the hottest party places on the island.

Komiža is also a perfect destination for those who seek adventure. You can raise your levels of adrenalin by scuba diving, paragliding, mountain biking and free-climbing. Scuba divers, with or without license, can experience the best of the Komiža underwater world. Become acquainted with the underwater flora and fauna by cliff diving and wreck diving! The mystic water world can also be experienced by sailing to Biševo and visiting the magnificent Modra špilja. There is enough for everyone in the town of Komiža!

Blue Cave, Biševo

The best ports to start your sailing trip to Komiža can be found around Split. Split area offers a great selection of charter sailing yachts, as well as catamarans and motor yachts. You can definitely find something for yourself – from budget options to luxury charter yachts.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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