Sweets Made According to Granny’s Recipes – Nonica, Hvar

Although Hvar has a reputation as one of the top party destination, tiny streets of Hvar historic centre hide some secret places away from the crowd, party animals, cocktails and loud music. One of those is the pastry shop Nonica i.e. the Granny’s.

This place offers almost forgotten genuine sweets made from homemade ingredients following the recipes inherited from our grandmothers. The name of this unique pastry shop immediately reminds on early childhood and times when grandmothers used to make cakes and sweets in the days before feasts. The old traditional recipes, lovingly passed from generation to generation found their purpose once again in order to offer us delights of natural flavor; honey from local lavender and sage fields, untreated fruits ripened under the hot Mediterranean sun of Hvar; scented with passion and love.

The top shelf on Nonica’s counter is where some unusual jars are displayed. The combination of Mediterranean colors, aromas and vigorous Hvar sunshine is captured in the jar of the granny’s orange preserve – the jam made from bittersweet oranges. Granny’s fig jam is made of sumptuous figs dried in the Dalmatian sun, blended with Maraschino (genuine cherry liquor) and crushed walnuts. Energy boosting qualities as well as its delicious taste were highly appreciated by sailors and fishermen along with gourmands, equally in past and nowadays. Fragrant and juicy local lemons are transformed into a superior fruit experience within the granny’s lemon preserve.

The middle shelf hides some of the most traditional and typical Dalmatian sweets such as honey-biscuit, gingerbread, fig sweet and sweet dough. These biscuits and cookies hide the essence of Hvar tastes elegantly combining sweetness, the aromas from herbs of Hvar fields and the tastes of bygone times.

The lower shelf offers modern sweets where tradition meets modernity. The sweets offered on this level combine traditional ingredients such as dried figs, homemade honey, bittersweet dried and preserved fruits and homemade dark chocolate is combined with modern creams and spreads, making a unique harmony of tastes. The list of drinks at Nonica is also created with great care so choice of finest teas and coffee along with some desert wines are offered to fulfill this gastronomic experience.

Let your the evening, after a delicious diner, ends with a desert at Nonica’s, as the introduction to promising night. There will be no regrets for sure. Not to be forgotten, you will find Nonica at the beginning of Kroz Burak Street, parallel to Hvar waterfront.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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