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Dehler 32 – Small but Stylish

Dehler 32

Dehler 32 was presented in 2010, on the Düsseldorf Boot show. Dehler 32 is a typical cruiser measuring 9.80 m in length. With its simplicity of handling and great sailing performances, Dehler 32 is loved by both private owners and charterers.

Dehler 46 – A Big Player from Germany

Dehler 46

Dehler 46 is a brand new sailing yacht form the respected German shipyard. The yacht is designed by Judel/Vrolijk & Co. studio, names that guarantee supreme performances. The design of the new Dehler 46 relies on 50-years old experience and reputation providing functionality, comfort and space.

The Legend Is Back – Dehler 38

Dehler 38

The latest model from Dehler is the Dehler 38 that attracted the attention of both charter companies and competitive sailors. Its LOA is 11.30 m while the interior was designed by the Judel/Vrolijk & Co. studio. The Dehler 38 comes in various options depending on the desires of the buyer.

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