Take a Break, Charter a Yacht and Visit Primošten

For those who have decided to take a break from sailing and have chosen Primošten as a place to rest, it would be useful to know that the community port is equipped with around 25 berths with fresh water and electric plugs, and there are also showers and toilets provided for sailors. There are around 30 buoys anchored in the bay of Primošten, and there is also plenty of space to drop the anchor in the area. Buoys and anchoring are charged by local port authorities, but all sailing visitors are allowed to moor at the port the following morning, use the water and recharge batteries while taking a shower and buying provisions.

Once you have safely moored your yacht in Primošten, you quest for good food and a breathtaking sunset is not far away. The port is situated in the very center of the old town, so it does not take more than five minutes to take a walk to the south-west coast of Primošten peninsula and end the day with a magical descent of the Sun.


Amazed by this scenic view, you empty stomach will guide you to the central square, the beating heart of Primošten. Bars and restaurants surround the square, where almost every night during the season an art or music performance is organized. The restaurant Kamenar offers excellent mussels buzzara that are worth trying.

Those who have chartered their yacht in Primošten will begin their trip at Marina Kremik, in the bay south of Primošten. Marina is equipped with all the necessary facilities and provides a breathtaking view to the legendary vineyards of the well-known Babić red wine. If you are not chartering a yacht at Marina Kremik, we recommend chartering a sailing yacht in Split or at any of the nearby bases because Primošten is definitely a place worth visiting.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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