The Advantages of Chartering in the Island Base of Rogač, Šolta

The most important advantage of every yacht charter base is its vicinity to a large transport hub, most commonly an airport. Everybody wants their sailing holidays to start as soon as they arrive at the base, and they want to arrive in the smoothest way possible. Is there any advantage of chartering in an island base at all, especially if we take into consideration that islands can most often be reached only by ferries? The answer is: yes. There are plenty of advantages of chartering in an island base. I will explain this on the example of SailingEurope Charter base in Rogač, on the island of Šolta in Croatia.

Let us start with the airport. There is an international airport in Split, which is well connected by shuttles and buses with Split port. During high season, ferries to Šolta leave several times a day. The ferry arrives at the main port of island Šolta, Rogač, just a few meters from SailingEurope Charter base.

If you are a driver and decide to take your car all the way to your chartered yacht, you will be provided with free parking in the base area, which is a much cheaper and safer option than to leave it on the mainland. Furthermore, once you arrive to Rogač, your holiday starts immediately. In Rogač, there are no crowds, waiting and unnecessary stress. Everything is done quickly and effectively. There is also free Wi-Fi for the clients of SailingEurope Charter base.


There is only one charter fleet in Rogač so every SailingEurope customer can expect an individual approach and plenty of time to prepare the best sailing holidays they have experienced. Even if you do wait a little bit for your yacht to get completely ready, there is a nice pebble beach just a few steps away from the wharf. You can refresh yourself there by swimming in the clear waters of the Adriatic. Once you get aboard your yacht, you will be able to reach Dalmatia’s top sailing destinations in no time, because they are very close to the port in Rogač.

If you feel tired after arriving to Rogač and decide to spend the first night there, you will be amazed by its pinewood shades, terraces and picturesque scenery. At the end of the week, you should not worry about finding a gas station and queuing endlessly, because a gas station is also located in Rogač port. It is probably going to be very busy on Fridays, but you again do not need to worry because the queue will be moving quickly.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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