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The Latest News from Elan – Performance 360

The well-reputed Slovenian shipyard Elan prepared another beautiful surprise at this year’s edition of Croatian Biograd Boat Show. They organized the world premiere of their latest model – the Elan 360 Performance.

This beauty inherited all proven and successful solutions from her predecessor – the Elan 350, which was awarded the European boat of the year in 2011. The external design, on the other hand, follows the lines of her ‘elder sister’, the Elan 400. The Elan 360 is therefore equipped with a cockpit table foldable into the floor, a small foldable stern platform, foldable bitts, a lower stairway into the saloon, an adjustable GPS plotter mount etc.

LOA of the Elan 360 is 10.5 m,  with the 3.5 m length of the beam, and 2.15 m or 2.35 m length of the draft, depending on the version. The displacement of the basic version amounts to 5350 kg with the ballast of 1385 kg. The standard surface of sails amounts to 35.91 m2 for the mainsail and 29.68 m2 for the jib. The interior was designed with regard to a modern look and ergonomics while the furniture was made from the latest wood called Fjord Mahogany. The steering system is designed with a double rudder and tiller while the mainsail sheet trim is placed into the cockpit floor.

With everything that is mentioned above, it is certain that Elan has offered us another fast and exciting toy that will give us much pleasure under the sails this season. This boat will be perfect for those who like sporty and dynamic leisure sailing, while a considerable result at regattas could also be expected.

In order to offer a greater amount of excitement and higher sailing performances, Elan prepared an S version of the 360 model. It will be 6% lighter than the standard version thanks to the advanced VAIL lamination technology used for the hull and deck which is completely osmosis-resistant. Furthermore, the S version will be made with a stronger composite main bulkhead and lighter furniture.

The latest highlight from Elan is signed by Humphreys Yacht Design Studio and Elan Design Team. In order to customize the boat, Elan has prepared several packages of additional equipment which could be chosen when ordering the boat, directly at the manufacturer or through their (inter)national dealers.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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