Visiting Šibenik on Your Sailing Trip

On Your charter sailing yacht holiday, make sure to visit a small historic town of Šibenik, a political, cultural, and tourist center of Šibenik-Knin county. It is located in central Dalmatia at the spot where the river Krka flows into the sea (read our post on sailing up the Krka), making it a wonderful place where the “two waters meet” and a unique sailing experience.

Make sure to stop over at this wonderful small town where history is present every step you make on its 14-century streets. On your way, you will certainly come along the central church in Šibenik – the Cathedral of St. Jakov – which is on the UNESCO World Heritage list, built completely in stone between 1431 and 1536 in Gothic and Renaissance style.

Photo: TZ grada Šibenika

You cannot miss the four fortresses surrounding the town – especially the St. Nicholas Fortress, located at sea, at the entrance of Šibenik’s port, which is one of the strongest fortified castles on the Adriatic coast with its triangular form, as well as the fortresses of St. Mihovil, St. Ivan or Šubićevac.

In the town of Šibenik and its surroundings, you can find a lot of wonderful restaurants preparing wonderful Mediterranean specialties, such as old-fashioned Tavern Dalmatino, located in the center of the town, with an excellent daily choice of fresh fish and seafood, and local Mediterranean herbs and vegetables.
Šibenik welcomes all types of charter yachts in its famous D-Marin Mandalina marina, known to all the experienced seawolves. An advantage of the marina is its naturally protected position within the Sibenik Bay. From the north, it is protected from the Northern wind Bora by the Mandalina peninsula.

Since May 2012, the first and only Super Yacht Marina facility in Croatia has been opened making D-Marin Mandalina an ideal berthing hub for Super Yachts.

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