Party People Sailing

There is no person in the world who just doesn’t love to travel. Whether you have an adventurous spirit, whether you love history and cultural heritage, or just love to see and get to know new locations - travel simply makes you richer. Young people and everyone who wants to have fun can travel thousands of kilometers every year to sing some of their favorite music festivals, listen to a great concert or have a great time at one of the most famous parties.

Numerous world destinations offer just a handful of festivals and entertainment to which few people can remain immune. But few provide an unforgettable combination of sailing and partying - Mediterranean destinations. Once you try party sailing, either alone, or with a partner, or with your mates, you will never be immune again. Imagine the following picture: top crew, top music, fantastic party, sunset, sailboat party, beach party, happiness and joy. Well, yes, that's exactly what awaits you at a party sailing with your team!

Party Regatta

You know what a regatta is, don't you? Great. And you know what’s most important about a vacation? Absence of obligations. And how to achieve that? Don't worry. You have a skipper who is in charge of the ship, safety on board and maintenance. It’s just up to you to listen to him and go with a flow. Regatta is otherwise of a competitive type - however, this is really not about any competition, but very simply, enjoying life.

 So many young people eager to have fun in the attractive location of the open sea were difficult to imagine until recently. But for example, Croatia, which is definitely at the forefront of the "fight" of Mediterranean countries, offers absolutely all of the above. In addition to getting to know many locations by regatta, you will also have the opportunity to meet top performers and listen to fantastic music. One of the world's largest festivals of electronic music, ultra europe, is held in Croatia, and it's up to you to organize with your team and set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.

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Feel the Adrenaline

Sailing is truly a type of vacation that is liked by absolutely everyone, from children, to the oldest, and primarily because of the freedom of choice it provides in combination with beautiful nature. The very act of sailing and combining the power of wind and sails brings many a great rush of adrenaline and a feeling of ultimate freedom. 

You don’t have to be an experienced sailor to be able to go sailing - just hire a skipper who will be your alpha and omega and enjoy your vacation. Of course, it is absolutely advisable to inform yourself before going on a sailboat about some basic rules of conduct on board, but all other information you will get from your skipper. Regardless of who you go on vacation with, it is recommended that you pre-determine the route you want to take and what you want to see and try - especially if your main goal is to relax and party with your friends.

Numerous sea destinations offer a handful of adrenaline adventures that are not foreign to people who want good fun. In any case, choose your destination wisely and explore the optimal routes for your desires with the help of our Route Planner. And if you are hesitant, contact our agents to help you organize your dream vacation.

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Adventure excursions

Regardless of which party destination you choose, and we believe that Croatia and Greece will definitely be shortlisted, it is clear that the sailing route is extremely important. If you are part of a larger flotilla or regatta party, your itinerary will be predetermined and you will not have to worry about anything. What you can always look for are adventure destinations at a specific location of your sailing route

The main advantage is that in those weeks you will really party 24/7 - not only on sailboats, but also at top parties on the beach. The locations have been carefully selected and the nature is truly stunningly stunning. So take the opportunity, take a short break and enjoy the excursions that will delight you.

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Sail and Explore

The interesting thing about party sailing routes is that, as we wrote earlier, they offer much more for those who did not come only to a particular destination to party. There are also a few young people who are eager to explore certain destinations, try food and find historical sights that they like to combine with partying.

Strange as it may sound, partying is not a simple “sport” - one needs to be both enduring and in love with music in order to be active for seven or more days in a row. Almost everyone at some point has a desire for peace, quiet and separation from others to enjoy nature, coves and the sea around them. That is why it is extremely important before booking a boat to agree well with friends who will be crew members what exactly you want from your sailing week - just a party or a combination of parties and destination research.

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Amazing Music Festivals a Mile Away From You

Even the little ones on the branch know that Croatia and Greece have the strongest and best festival offer of all Mediterranean destinations together. But most will agree that Croatia, the Mediterranean pearl, definitely ranks first. Not only because there is the Ultra Music Europe Festival which is always connected with sailing routes and islands near Split where the first part of the festival takes place, but also many other festivals in the area of ​​Zrće, Šibenik or Istria that offer a fantastic and unforgettable experience for fans of electronic music.

Sonus, Fresh Island, Ultra Music, Dimensions, Hideout - just look at the lineup of previous years and everything will be clear to you. Although there are sailors among the party team, the assumption is that no one wants to take so much responsibility on themselves during a week where the emphasis is on rest, so we advise you to hire a young experienced skipper who will respect all your wishes and give you the best advice. The point of your week is rest, parties and fun, right? And let's be realistic, the comparison of an apartment and a sailboat is simply not correct.

Sailing for Party People Looking For Fun Vacation - Tips & Tricks from Experienced Sailors

No matter what you are looking for chill, fun and music from your vacation, it is still wise to prepare in advance so that you will not be greeted by embarrassing situations and spoil your vacation. Experienced sailors have prepared some things you need to pay attention to before doing a check in and starting your sailing adventure.

Check The Routes Offered and Choose One

The vast majority of sailors, before their vacation, explore the area they are going to and choose a route to make the most of their time at sea. Regardless of the fact that the vast majority of you will go on a trip in organized flotillas within which everything will be organized, you still need to check the destination you plan to go, festivals or concerts that interest you, and based on that find your optimal route.

When we say destination, we primarily mean the country, since the offer varies greatly. But even within the countries themselves, there are great differences and offers of festivals that satisfy even more diverse needs. It doesn't have to be festivals - it can be a fantastic weekly party organized at sea. Anyway, explore the route with the help of our RoutePlanner and spend an unforgettable holiday party.

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Take The Necessary medication With You

Absolutely no one who is on vacation wants to spend due to carelessness or their own unpreparedness all or part of the vacation in bed, right? Sailing is specific. Yes, it's cool, it's fun, it's beautiful, but there are people who are simply sensitive to waves or their body is not yet accustomed to constant rocking, especially in slightly more turbulent and windy weather, and often develops seasickness - it's not terrible, but it is very uncomfortable. So bring a few medications with you that will surely prevent you from developing this disease in unstable situations.

Since, let's be realistic, you will spend the vast majority of your time maximally exposed to the sun - watch out! As pleasant and beautiful as it is to be in the sun, it can also be dangerous - how many times have you seen people come home from their vacation red as crabs? Well, you don't want that! It is not a matter of appearance, but sunburn often brings with it a high temperature that you definitely want to avoid. Either way, bring a sunscreen, pamper yourself regularly and don’t spend a dream week in bed while the rest of your team carefree partying to the beats of music.

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Respect The Weather Conditions

Everyone who goes on vacation in the summer imagines the sun, the sand, the beach, the waves. Rest. But always, just always, the strength of the sea and the wind should be respected. Especially if you are going on a sailing holiday.

Follow the weather and wind, listen to your skipper and never, but never, do things on your own. As beautiful as the sea is, it is just as dangerous. Especially for the inexperienced. Therefore, follow the weather conditions and protect yourself from unwanted situations and even at the cost of not spending one day as you imagined and planned. And without that one day, enjoy your dream vacation!