Catamaran Charter

Catamaran is synonymous with high class sailing at its best, and it is a perfect home for your sailing adventure.

Why Charter a Catamaran?

This type of vessel with its two hulls is for someone who does not want to give up comfort and stability even when they are out in the open sea. Check out our recommended charter catamarans section. They are recommended in terms of quality, design and charter price, and are popular both among novices and experienced sailors.

Sailing a catamaran is far less tiring due to the fact that they heel only 5 to 10 degrees under sail, while average monohulls heel over 35 degrees. The more the boat heels, the more your body has to fight gravity which can be quite tiring, of course. Their other advantage is that they can reach places that an average sailboat cannot because catamarans have a shallow draft. Sailing catamarans are also very fast, yet they are incredibly safe!
Having two hulls, they are more stable and more comfortable than monuhulls and are also easily reachable from the water since they are low and have a swimming ladder. The last but not the least, the view from the bridge deck cabin of your sailing catamaran will leave you breathless! Aboard a catamaran you will feel completely safe and stable as the boat's two narrow elegant hulls slice the waves even at low heel angles. Even if you are a fan of monohull boats, once you set foot aboard a catamaran you will have to acknowledge its advantages. Catamarans are easier to navigate than monhulls and therefore are perfect for beginner yachtsmen.

Find out more about famous brands of catamarans (such as Lagoon, Nautitech or BaltiCat) and check out the catamaran specifications in our yacht catalogue.

Sailing catamarans is offered in CroatiaGreeceItalySpainTurkeyMontenegroSloveniaMaltaCubathe CaribbeanSeychelles and Thailand.

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