What Are the Most Popular Catamaran Sailing Destinations

What places choose to spend a pleasant holiday and what are the more popular destinations for sailing on a catamaran? The most popular destination for sailing catamaran is located in the Caribbean - British Virgin Islands. Among the top destinations in the Mediterranean - Greece and Croatia.

British Virgin Islands

The islands' mostly untouched scenery hides many beautiful coves and sandy beaches for you to explore. The British Virgin Islands are also one of top charter catamaran destinations because of the local culture, music and restaurants.

Besides the Caribbean, among the top catamaran destinations are two beautiful Mediterranean countries - Greece and Croatia. Both countries boast a multitude of islands, perfect sailing conditions, excellent cuisine and plenty of historically interesting sights.

Greece - rich history & tasty cuisine

Greece features more than 2000 inhabited and uninhabited islands. Sailing is a very appreciated activity in Greece and is important part of the local infrastructure. Greece is a perfect catamaran charter destination because of almost infinite number of possible itineraries that can be transformed into sailing holidays. You can choose among the Cyclades, the Dodecanese, the Sporades or the Peloponnese, all these beautiful places boast history, hospitable people and a wholesome cuisine. You can cruise with your catamaran among the islands during the day, and at night anchor in one of the bays and enjoy almost legendary Greek island nightlife.

Croatia - Mediterranean jewel

Croatia has more than a thousand islands and is truly a jewel of the Mediterranean due to its unspoiled natural beauties, calm and clean waters of the Adriatic sea and charming coastal towns. This is one of top destinations not just for sailing catamarans but also for any other kind of yachts. Regions like the Kornati Archipelago, Dalmatia and the Kvarner Bay have a long sailing tradition and are perfect catamaran charter destinations. There are also many secluded bays and coves where you can anchor your catamaran and enjoy the view.