Types and History of Gulets

The history of gulets is somewhat veiled in secrecy. It remains uncertain how gulets got their name - whether it comes from the Italian "guletta" or the French word "goullette". This schooner type of vessel used to be used as a sweeping net, trawl net or sponging vessel in Turkey in the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Origin of the name

Other resources also claim that it resembles the American Gullet used in ling fishing in the Greenland banks whereas some claim it resembles the clippers carrying goods from India to England in the periods of colonization.

Today's gulets

Gulets we know today are known as the Bodrum type of schooners. They date back to the beginning of 1970s when they were created as a result of the need to carry tourists who began visiting the Aegean region and especially Bodrum and Marmaris at the end of 1960s, to nearby bays. These gulets had chambers and seating on the back of the deck as opposed to gulets used in fishing or sponging till those years.

Types of charter gulets

There are two charter gulet types - private gulet charter and cabin charter. Private gulet charter offers you ultimate comfort and privacy as well as great flexibility in terms of menu, itinerary, and provisioning. Charter gulet's crew is completely dedicated to you and your party.

Cabin gulet charter is a cheaper and more convenient alternative to chartering the entire boat since you do not have to have company to charter a cabin. This is a pleasurable way of vacationing that gives you the opportunity to meet different people. However, you do not have complete freedom since the itineraries and ports of embarkation and disembarkation are fixed and cannot be altered.