How to Choose a Suitable Charter Motor Yacht?

Choosing a charter motor yacht requires a deep analysis of personal requirements, as well as a broad understanding of your budget and the current charter boat offer. Before even considering any option, do some research. Before even considering any option, do some research. Especially if you do not know a thing about motor yachts.

You should look into the different types of charter motor yachts, the reputation of the charter company you want to do business with, as well as the destination you want to sail to. You also need to consider your budget. Wanting to charter a luxury motor yacht is one thing, being able to afford it is another.

Types of motor yacht charter

Bareboat motor yacht charters require a deposit and a certification that you are have enough knowledge to handle such boat. These motor yachts are ideal for those that have the necessary experience and who want to get away into the blue for a day. 

Motor yachts are most usually chartered along with a skipper. Skippered charter motor yacht is perfect for someone who does not have enough experience in handling such boats, someone who likes the speed as well as comfort aboard.

Crewed charter motor yachts have a professional crew on board that takes care of the maintenance, sailing, cooking, cleaning and navigation. The crew members are normally experts in the region where you are cruising. Charter motor yacht crew members are highly trained, professional and experienced in their particular areas of responsibility aboard the yacht. Crews are normally hired and committed to one yacht, which they run and take care of it. Crew's job is to make your days aboard the yacht enjoyable and care-free. Considering the fact that a crewed charter motor yacht has its own crew who looks after it, it is no wonder that crewed charter yachts are generally in excellent condition. Best charter motor yacht crews know the secret of how to provide their guests great service, privacy and make their sailing holidays as enjoyable as possible.

Sufficient space

When choosing your charter motor yacht you have to consider the number of cabins. If you are going on a longer cruise, you need to make sure that everyone in your party has enough comfort and privacy so you will need a charter motor yacht with enough berths for everyone to be able to sleep in. If you have hired a crewed motor yacht, note that they have their own cabins. However, you will still have to make provisions for them as well.

Yacht design

Another thing you must take note of when choosing a charter motor yacht is the yacht's design. There is an owner's version which usually combines two cabins into one large stateroom or a holiday version which holds as many cabins as possible - the usual charter version. Yet another important thing to consider is the number of heads and showers. The standing height or head room below deck is also very important when choosing a charter motor yacht. If you or anyone of your crew is taller than 1.85 m, then you should choose a motor yacht that has a standing room of at least 1.90 m (6' 3").

Yacht size

Length of the boat is another important matter, especially if you have chosen a bareboat motor yacht charter. The length is very important in handling the boat. Also, the longer the yacht the larger maximum speed. For example, a 50 foot yacht has 30% more speed than its 30 feet version.