Yacht Charter Thailand

When you charter a yacht in Thailand, one of the top sailing destinations in the world, you enter a land of more than a thousand islands, combined with pleasant tropical climate, wonderful nature and delicious Thai cuisine. There, you can find a countless number of attractions: from Buddhist temples, royal residences and museums to amazing historical parks. Not to mention nature parks, where you can try riding elephants or spend the whole day playing with them.


Yacht charter in Thailand is especially popular on Phuket, the largest and undoubtedly most famous island. There, you can find a big range of various beaches, from white sanded to secluded, sheltered coves. Explore the coves by scuba diving or sea canoeing! On Phuket, you can hop aboard your yacht, and discover other interesting islands, such as Ko Phi Phi, a group of limestone islands or Koh Samui, a classic Thai holiday island, where you can increase your adrenaline by bungee jumping, or just relax and enjoy the turquoise waters and the traditional Thai massage. Do not miss the opportunity to try Thai cuisine, one of the most popular in the world! The weather is warm and beautiful throughout the year, so you can visit Thailand all year round!

Fascinating culture, endless sandy beaches and tropical climate make Thailand a popular tourist destination and a true paradise for sailors.
Choose a Boat

Whether you choose a bareboat charter, skippered sailing boat or luxury yacht charter, sailing in Thailand is a lifetime experience you should not miss. The land of smiles, which is another name for Thailand, is waiting for you and your anchors!

Why sailing in Thailand?

  • Thailand has a very pleasant climate and the sun shines all year round, so sailing conditions are ideal in all four seasons.
  • It has stunning beaches, from sandy to rocky, as well as many hidden coves, so everyone will find something for themselves.
  • Thai cuisine is a unique combination of Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese and French cuisines. It is also worth mentioning that all food is really cheap in Thailand.
  • Thailand has a big range of wildlife and nature parks, with many animal species you can meet eye to eye.

Sailing regions in Thailand