Own a Sailing Yacht or a Catamaran

You can now own a yacht for only a part of its price and earn regular income from it!

Excellent price

Join our RELAX Yacht Ownership Program, and you will be able to buy a yacht without having to pay its full price! For new yachts, you pay 55% and for pre-owned 60% of its value. There are no other costs included – we take care of everything. 

RELAX Programs

We offer two RELAX programs and they work in the following way:

  1. You choose a yacht (a sailing yacht or catamaran) that you would like to own.
  2. The yacht stays with us for 6 years (4-5 years for pre-owned yachts). You will be able to sail it during that period.
  3. You have no expenses related to the yacht. We take care of the maintenance, berthing, insurance and leasing costs.
  4. At the end of the Program, you get your yacht.

Investment opportunity

More than just owning a yacht, RELAX represents an attractive investment opportunity. Not only will you be able to sail your yacht, but you will also, depending on the program, receive a regular income.

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Which program to choose?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between Leisure and Guaranteed programs.

RELAX Yacht Ownership Program

Why choose this program? Offers a lot of sailing weeks, ideal if you sail a lot Gives you a guaranteed fixed income every year
Down payment 55% of the yacht’s purchase price for new boats
60% of the yacht's purchase price for pre-owned boats

40% of the yacht’s purchase price plus 20% of the yacht purchase price at the end of the program

Income No income 8% of the amount of the down payment every year
Sailing weeks 8-10 weeks
You can exchange 2 high-season sailing weeks to sail anywhere in the world on the yachts of the same category available through our portfolio.
You can exchange your income for sailing weeks on your yacht
Program duration Min 6 years for new boats (min 4-5 for pre-owned) Min 6 years for new boats (min 4-5 for pre-owned)
End of the program You get your yacht Pay 20% of the purchase price of the yacht at the beginning of the program and you get your yacht

Learn more about RELAX program. Download RELAX brochure now!

Pre-owned sailing yachts

We already have yachts available for purchase! Our excellently-maintained Beneteau and Jeanneau sailing yachts and Lagoon catamarans are valuable parts of our fleet, and you can become their owner. This program is excellent because it allows you to buy exclusive yachts kept in excellent condition for a special price. Duration of the program for our pre-owned yachts is minimum 4-5 years.