A Simple Diner as a Highlight of a Sailing Trip

Arriving to the starting point of a sailing trip, your charter base, in many occasions includes a long and exhausting ride. The perfect option to avoid stress while waiting your turn for check-in would be to take a refreshment at marina bar or restaurant. Still, in many cases marina bar or restaurant is overcrowded which makes you even more stressed.

In case you chartered your yacht at D-Marin marina Mandalina in Šibenik there is a perfect place to avoid anxiety and have a decent meal before embarking. I am talking about pub-restaurant Gušt located just at the intersection towards marina from the main road S from Šibenik. Gušt operates for more than a decade serving breakfasts, lunches and dinners for numerous passengers, tourists and locals. This place does not refer to exclusive restaurant with exquisite menu, but is a great place to have a simple but delicious and refreshing meal. Waiters are extremely skillful and fast taking your orders and bringing them in no-time. The menu consists of all sorts of marenda – style dishes (marenda – local name for lunch-break meal) such as stuffed peppers, beans, stews, cabbage rolls, veal or lamb tripe etc.; Dalmatian peka (traditional way of preparing food under iron bell with hot charcoal on top of it) and grill. The restaurant is always busy but you can always find a place. Sadly, there is no meal to be recommended because literally anything you order is a good hit. Pub-restaurant Gušt is very close to the marina so you can stop there prior to checking in to your charter agency, or you can ask for a quick transfer from the marina. Otherwise, even the delivery of catering could be organized in special cases.

Probably the best recommendation for this place could be the fact that pub-restaurant Gušt is favorite diner to majority of marina and charter agencies’ staff.

Even though it is about the simple and “nothing special” restaurant, visiting Gušt could be a highlight of your sailing trip. If you would like to find out more about where to eat while sailing in Croatia, you can find some useful tips here.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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