ACI Palmižana on the Islands of Hell

Paklinski otoci are one of the most visited yachting destinations in the Adriatic. This archipelago lies opposite to the town of Hvar. Often, they are called Pakleni otoci, or the Islands of Hell. This wordplay, a result of an incorrect translation of the regional word for black resin obtained from pine trees and used to coat wooden vessels, was already explained in one of my previous posts about the archipelago. To visit this amazing archipelago, charter a yacht of your choice at A Yacht Charter Split!

Photo Credit: ACI d.d.

The town of Hvar on the island of the same name is one of the most exclusive destinations in Croatia, and its port is usually full of elegant and luxurious yachts owned by the elite. The sight of Hvar port in high season is reminiscent of Monte Carlo or Saint Tropez. However, Hvar’s hospitality is big enough to welcome everyone who enjoys sailing. For that purpose, ACI Marina Palmižana was built in the sheltered bay on St. Clement island, in the Paklinski otoci arhipelago, just across the town of Hvar. ACI Marina Palmižana operates from April to the end of October and can accommodate up to 220 vessels.

Photo Credit: ACI d.d.

Besides shower and toilet facilities that long for renovation, the marina offers a tavern with a terrace and a bar, where skippers gather in the morning and talk about their routes and experiences. The marina is extremely busy in high season, so early approach and a great deal of calmness is required in order to moor there. Fortunately, ACI marinas have finally implemented online booking service, which, in case of ACI Palmižana, you should use a few days before you intend to moor there. Once moored in Palmižana, you can visit Vinogradišće bay at the opposite side of the islet, just a few minutes’ walk through pine woods. There are several fine restaurants in the shades of pine trees, with a scenic view of the bay, so you can enjoy tasty meals in a beautiful atmosphere. A nearby lounge bar is the target of many party-oriented visitors, which is why Vinogradišće is also busy in high season.Those who wish to explore Hvar town are offered a round-the-clock speedboat taxi service that leaves from the marina. If you want to reinvigorate your body, you can enjoy a relaxed afternoon in a massage parlor in the shades of pine trees, located just next to the reception.My advice for a calm stay in ACI Marina Palmižana is to book your spot in advance and contact the marina staff via VHG channel 17 as you approach. You should insist on mooring as far as possible from the pier A, where the speedboat taxi service is located, because it gets pretty busy during nighttime.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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