An Innovative Rainman Watermaker

An old proverb says that three things in life are never too big – a fridge, a car, and a bed. As a skipper working in charter business, I would also add – a fresh-water tank. Regardless of its size and capacity, the demand for fresh water on board is increasing rapidly. People run tap water without any awareness of the limitations of a yacht. It is reasonable to use fresh water to wash out salt water after swimming, but nobody can justify rehearsals of opera arias under the shower aboard a yacht. Watermakers can help in such situations, but they are limited in their capacity and they require power consumption, which is also something that should not be neglected.

Good news, however, come from the Australian manufacturer Rainman. Rainman offers two types of watermakers – electric and fuel-powered. Their products are very useful because they are portable and do not require complex and expensive installation. Instead, they can simply be placed on the deck.

Rainman watermakers are able to produce between 100 l and 140 l of fresh water per hour. Their work is based on the principle of reverse osmosis membranes, and they are available in three options, depending on your demands. They also come with an optional pressure washer gun, so they can be used as a deck washing device.

What is so special about Rainman watermakers is the simplicity of maintenance. Their spare design includes only a few parts that have to be maintained, while built-in systems require greater care. Furthermore, these watermakers can be used as backup systems if you already possess a built-in system. Moreover, Rainman uses non-proprietary parts and fittings wherever possible, so you will not need a PhD to do the field repair.

Marinas and charter agencies could rent Rainman watermakers to their clients and members. This would present them with an additional source of income, while the yachtsmen would not have to purchase their own watermakers. Whatever they decide on, Rainman’s ideas and innovations are definitely a light at the end of a dark tunnel of fresh water consumption aboard a yacht.

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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