Marina Tribunj – Another Lovely Marina in the Adriatic

Marina Tribunj is located in the small picturesque fishing village of Tribunj, just a few kilometers from the larger towns of Šibenik and Vodice. Tribunj stands out among the surrounding villages thanks to its beauty and the typical Dalmatian atmosphere, emphasized by beautiful old houses made of stone, and narrow alleys, where the usual peace gets interrupted only in August, when the traditional donkey race takes place. In fact, Tribunj is often named “Donkey Republic” because of its relationship with this beautiful animal.

Donkeys are deeply rooted into the traditional Dalmatian way of life. This lovely animal has always been so much more than a means of transport and help. The appearance of tractors has driven donkeys into oblivion so the citizens of Tribunj have decided to protect them as part of their cultural heritage.

Aside form donkeys, another important part of Tribunj is its marina. Although it is equipped with 200 sea berths and 150 dry berths, it does not seem that large. The landmark of Marina Tribunj is its main building, where luxury rooms and apartments are available throughout the year, with a possibility of renting them for a longer period. The sea berths in the marina are mostly used by private owners, so there is no big fuss on summer Saturdays, which is usually the case with busy charter centers.

Marina Tribunj

The restaurant Pink Keel welcomes its guests with its comfortable and cozy atmosphere where the visitors feel like they are in a classy middle-European restaurant, due to its international culinary specialties, a fine selection of wines, and, above all, widely-known desserts. There is a beauty salon within the marina, where the visitors can get their hair and nails done after a massage, hair removal procedure or face treatment. The gas station in the marina operates throughout the year from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., while the maintenance of a yacht can be arranged at Merk&Merk yacht service.

Staying in Marina Tribunj is a relaxing experience because the marina is located away from city noise, but is still very close to several centers of activity. Visiting the marina is like taking a holiday at a peaceful boutique hotel! Charter a yacht in Dalmatia and discover this charming place yourself!

I wish you a calm sea, a fine wind and a strong mast!

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