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Eirini Tzima started sailing because she spent a weekend on a yacht with her friends and could not understand a word of the sailing terminology they were using. That is why she enrolled in a sailing school and became a skipper. She is also a school teacher and a technician for marine engines and pleasure crafts. Today, she and her brother run Ionian Breeze, a yacht charter company in Preveza.

Discovering the West Coast of Greece: Preveza

Preveza is a town situated on the west coast of Greece. A popular tourist destination for European visitors, it also serves as a transit point to the neighboring islands, giving the town a lively atmosphere. Preveza retains its original charm and offers numerous sights to explore. In recent years, it is getting a lead role in the world of yacht chartering.

Fleet Operator – an Ideal Job?

The profession of the fleet operator is considered an ideal job. There is a lot of travelling and spending time by the sea. And, sure, these are some privileges that fleet operators enjoy, but this job is much more demanding and significantly more complex than it seems at first. One fleet operator tells her story about what it is like to charter yachts and concludes that yacht charter is not about the boats. It is about people and the moments!

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